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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Olla dear readers..
I must admit that I haven't been sticking too much to my diet. HOWEVER... I have been managing the best that I can and in certain aspects, my eating habits have improved. I eat 2 pieces of fruits every day.. A major improvement considering that I don't eat even a piece of fruit a day in the past. Oh, and as for stuffing my face with chocolate, there was a reason for that. My 'best friend' came to visit me on Tuesday. No wonder I had crazy levels of cravings for something sweet and salty.. Okay.. That may be an excuse but my 'best friend' did come and visit me on Tuesday so I'm going to stick with that story. Hehe...

I eat yogurt twice a day now too.. My rice intake is sometimes really small and at other times moderate in quantity, depending how hungry I am. My veggie intake alternates between huge helpings and small helpings, depending on what vegetable it is. Unfortunately, my exercise routine is close to nil. And I haven't studied for 2 solid days. I'm going to start today after lunch.. Maybe after Oprah at 1 o' clock..

By the way, I have been reading this novel entitled 'P.S. I Love You'. Its a story about how a young widow, Holly, came into terms with the death of her husband. Its a touching story really and not something that I would choose to read simply because I hate 'touching' novels or movies. This is because I cry very (and I mean very) easily and people tend to tease me for it.. This book is quite an exception. This novel has been made into a movie you know. Normally I would read the novel first before watching a movie made from the novel. Usually it doesn't come up to my expectations.

Its different this time because I watched the movie first. I didn't know there was a novel before. I started reading it yesterday and couldn't put it down. But I'm a bit disturbed and disgruntled to say the least because the novel is such a far cry from the movie.. And that's putting it mildly. Both of the stories are great and I know if I have read the novel first, I would have been outraged at how the movie is so different from the novel. But I have come to love the movie a lot (maybe its because both Gerard Bultler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were in it.. Hehe..). I fact, I've watched it 4 times already and bawled my eyes out each time.

However I do feel, as I've mentioned earlier, disgruntled at how its so different it might be a different story altogether. First of all, Holly has a great relationship with her parents, she has 4 other siblings and they are actually Irish, living in Dublin. She met her late husband Gerry at highschool and Daniel (a guy she eventually met) is a pub owner. She never went to college. Oh, and the holiday that Gerry organized for her and her bestfriends, Denise and Sharon, was in Spain. His notes to her all came in a bundle, to be opened one for each month. Holly scored a job as an advertising agent for a top magazine, X. That's the version in the novel.

In the movie, Holly has quite a dysfuctional relationship with her mother who happens to be a single parent because her father left them when she and her sister were little. She only has a younger sister as a sibling, Ciara. They are Americans and only Gerry is Irish, whom she met while she was on a college trip to Ireland. Holly's mum owns a pub and Holly lives upstairs. Daniel is the new bartender at their pub. The holiday that Gerry organized for her was in Ireland. Her letters didn't came all at once (yes, they were letters, not notes) but came once a month delivered from different sources. Holly eventually became a shoe designer and had her own line of shoes. See what I mean.. It's SOOOOO DIFFERENT. I just can't get over it..

Okay, I'd better shut up about it now or I'll end up going on and on about it like a broken record. Well anyway, I recommend all of you who are still reading this blog to watch the movie. It's such a beautiful story.. It really is. It's not just about the romance factor either. It really makes you reflect on how short life can be and how we take the people that we love for granted. It's about breaking down again and again yet having to dust one's self up, stand up and start walking forward and living again.. It's a story for everyone, women, men, singles, couples. Do watch it. Its like chicken soup for the heart.

Thats all for now.. Cheers..