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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Divine Whisper?

Dear Readers...
Something weird happened to me yesterday morning. I was pouring my cereal into a container to bring to work when suddenly I heard a voice. It said, "Pindah lah balik Sabah". I was caught by surprise and paused what I was doing. You see, it's not a voice that I heard with my ears but instead it felt like it came from within. It really was a voice, distict yet its neither male or female. Those words seem to echo within me. Some may say that it must have my inner longing that made me experience that. I don't think so..

You see, a lot of people have asked me before if I wanted to be transffered back to Sabah. I always say, "Not really" because I didn't feel such a high inclination to do so. I do miss Sabah but was not as if there was anything or anyone waiting for me there. During BTN 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine from the Ministry told me that there were around 400-700 openings under IPD for my post in Sabah. She urged me to apply for transfer but I declined for the reasons I mentioned. I was comfortable with where I was.

With that being said, you can understand my confusion when I experienced what I did. I couldn't believe it because it just seemed to come out of nowhere. I never even considered the possibility before that. I decided to push it aside as one of those weird things that happen when we're tired, bored, crazy, whatever. Simply put, I ignored The Voice. The idea kept creeping back into my mind though, not unlike an annoying gnat.

That afternoon, a colleague of mine suddenly came to me and asked me the standard FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) which is, "Don't you want to transfer back to Sabah?" I asked him why? He told me what my friend did during BTN, about the open intake of my post in Sabah. That totaly freaked me out because he has never, ever asked me about transffering before and to tell you the truth, he would have been the last person that would have asked me or shown any interest about it. Why on Earth did he suddenly mention it on that particular day?

Pure coincidence? Maybe...

However, later that day another colleague brought a personal file of one of the staff whose pay rate needs to be adjusted. Guess what? That staff needed her pay to be adjusted because her application for transffer back to Sabah was approved. I was like, "Okaaaaaayyyy... Why is there so much elements about transffering back to Sabah in my day today?" I mean, usually there's zilch and today there's just too much of it.. Could it be that, well, something Divine was trying to tell me something?

In the end, I decided to follow The Voice and apply to transffer back to Sabah. It wasn't an easy decision to make and to be honest I was kind of at war with myself. My heart was happy that I may have a chance to come back to my beloved state whereas my head couldn't really comprehend what was happening. It was quite sudden. It's starting to catch up though.

Now I have to write a touching letter with rock-solid reasons to my superiors and hope that it gets approved. Should be easy peasy.. Except that unfortunately, my BM sucks and my Officer always laughs at my formal BM letters.. Is there anyone out there who can write exceptional BM letters? A little help here... Pretty please? Huhuhu...

Oh well... I hope that it would get approved anyway because now that I have that idea in my head, it's kind of hard not to have high hopes about it. If it doesn't I would be totally heart-broken. So dear friends, do pray for me so that I might be able to move back to Sabah..

This is all for now.. Cheers..