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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello there..

Ladies, have you ever been called 'high maintenance' or 'high class'? I have and by a guy no less. All because I choose King Cup brand canned sardines instead of the unknown brand that is the cheapest in the store. Confused? So am I. I don't believe that just because I prefer butter over margarine or Ladies Choice smooth peanut butter over those peanut butters packed in ugly plastic cups, I am high maintenance.

I am the type of person who believes in buying quality products, especially when it comes to food, skin care and body care. These are things that you put into your body, onto your skin. It is what effects you internally and externally hence, your health. Undeniably, most products that works wonders and have no long-term side effects tend to be more expensive due to the R&D that goes into making them.

With that being said, I am also a firm believer in product mileage. Let's say I were to compare Brand X to Brand Y in terms of

 in terms of powder foundation. Brand X has limited color shades and none of them suit my skin tone, it makes my skin look powdery when applied and I get oil patches before lunch hour. It is priced RM29.90 with a weigh of 10gBrand Y on the other hand suits my skin tone to a 'T', mattifies my skin without making it look powdery and lasts 8 hours. Priced at RM128.00 (during time of purchase) with 15g of product.

Come and take a look at the following points:
1. We use makeup to enhance our features, not make them look even worse so obviously we would want a face powder that suits our skin, nor one that makes us look ashy. Brand Y suits me best.
2. Long lasting powder also means less touch-ups and less products used. Brand Y lasts double the time of Brand X.
3. Normally high end products are bigger in size. In this case, Brand Y has 5g more product.

So looking at the above, would you really blame me if I go for Brand Y? If

High Class/High Maintenance

Hello there...

Ladies, have you ever been called 'High Maintenance' or as our people would say 'High Class' before? I have and I wish it was because I wear elegant clothes or always look impeccably put together or something but no, it is because I choose to buy a 'King Cup' brand sardine instead of an unknown brand of which is the cheapest money can buy.

Confused? So am I.

You see, I like the better things in life (who doesn't?) and I do choose brands that I feel is better in quality/texture/taste. For example:

1. I pick Ladies Choice peanut butter spread over those peanut butter in ugly plastic cups because it is smoother and taste better.

2. I pick King Cup sardines over unknown el-cheapo brands of canned sardines because they taste better and don't still have scales in them that get stuck unpleasantly in my throat.

3. I pick L'occitane for my toiletries. I can see noticeable difference in my skin texture using it compared to other brands.

4. I prefer butter over margarine.

5. I love MAC cosmetics.

6. I love Starbucks.

So, am I high maintenance? Before you answer, let me just say:

1. Although I love L'Occitane, I am not beyond using brands such as Johnson&Johnson for my lotions and bath. If I can only afford J&J at a particular time, I would use J&J.

2. While I do love MAC cosmetics, I wouldn't buy it just for the sake of having it even if it doesn't work very well. For example, MAC mascaras are among the worst so I don't buy them. I'd buy a Maybelline mascara anytime because it works.

3. So I like Starbucks. It's not about the brand, it's because it tastes good and their pricing just touches my personal limit as to how expensive a drink can be. Dome is more 'exclusive' but their drinks don't taste as good and it's more expensive so I don't go there.

I am a firm believer in mileage. If a product is pricey but it works well on your skin AND you get a lot of use out of it, why not? Just buy the best of what you can afford especially when it comes to what you put into

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chatting With You..

Hello there...

I think it has been a long time since I've done a post that does not start with any purpose whatsoever. You know, the type where I just start randomly and it flows to whatever that came into my mind in that given moment. This is going to be such post.

In case you're wondering why my posts no longer has much pictures in them, it's because I mostly take my pics using my phone instead of a camera and I am Instagram crazy. I think it is my kryptonite in terms of social media platforms. For one thing they have effects that makes photos look really nice and taking a photo with one's phone is much more discreet compared to an actual camera. If it is any consolation, you can actually see my Instagram photos on my blog's sidebar. It would be even better if you could follow me though. Hehe..

By the way, I am feeling a bit better after taking antibiotics for my Bronchitis. I will have to switch where I sleep though. Usually I sleep directly under the fan and that seems to make my chest hurt. I do wear a sweater to sleep last night so that my chest doesn't get cold.

This morning as I was having breakfast at Fook Yuen Gaya this man was smoking right behind me and I coughed so much because of his ciggie smoke. My lungs felt as if it was on fire. I truly felt like smacking him then and there. I know I could have said something. I could have expressed my rights with my fingers to my lips and wagging them at him *has anyone actually tried doing that to a smoker? Did it work? Do tell in the comments section below* but you know how people can be when you ask them to smoke elsewhere no matter how nicely you do it.

I do wish smokers would consider those around them before lighting up. DON't ask people if they mind you smoking. 99% would say they don't mind even if they do because they don't want to make you feel like a lowly creature for picking up the habit in the 1st place. Just ask them if they smoke. I they say they don't then don't light up. Simple. If you don't mind having lung cancer and all other diseases associated with smoking, then by all means puff away but please don't drag others with you. Okay?

I am pressed for time so this will be all for now. Do share with me what's on your mind and what is your favorite social media. Cheers!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello there..
I have been coughing on and off for the past 3-4 months but the past month my cough has been really bad. Foolishly, I waited it out thinking that it would disappear again but it only became worse. I decided to take Prospan, my Holy Grail cough syrup but even that didn't work. By this time I was making whooping sounds when I coughed and there was a slight heaviness to my chest.

My sister advised me to see a doctor and when I did it turns out I have Bronchitis. Yikes! Hence, I was given 5 types of medication ranging from cough syrup, antibiotics and pills to make breathing easier. Double yikes! Serious owh Bronchitis ni. I'm really worried because if I am not mistaken Bronchitis can develop into asthma (which is a hereditary health issue in my family). Nau'dzubillah..

The doctor also advised me to stay away from Milo and milk for a week. Turns out these two can cause more mucus. I am also avoiding nuts and anything spicy or fried. To top it all off my skin has been extra sensitive and acting up recently for some reason. Due to this I have to abstain from consuming seafood, eggs and black pepper. I do feel frustrated but looking at the bright side, perhaps this might help me to lose weight. *Chewah, mo kasi senang hati diri sendiri tu bah* Huahuahua..

Oh, a little Sophie Update. Sophie can walk unaided now! Yay! Another milestone under her belt. She can also squat and stand up then continue walking without falling over. I am so proud of her. Now all she wants to do is walk. Memang gitu la babies kan. Bila discover new skill, mesti ituuuuuu jak dorang mo buat. It was up to a point when it would be 11pm and Sophie would still refuse to sleep because she still wants to totter (and let me tell you, she has the cutest walk ever!) around. If I take hold of one of Sophie's hands, she would run. Ketawa2 lagi tu membawa orang lari. Sy pun dapat excercise yang padu la bila membubut dia... Lol.

This is all the update I have for now. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and don't forget to 'Like' my Facebook Page (all are Phoebe_Sophie). Cheers!


Friday, February 15, 2013

My Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever!

Hello there..
I guess I should have done this post yesterday for Valentine's Day but I was a bit busy so it just has to be today. Anywhoo... This post is going to be about my most memorable V-Day which was in the year 2010. Funny thing is, it doesn't even involve a cutesy card, yummy chocolates or fragrant flowers *not that I have anything against it*. On that V-Day I went to Genting Highlands for the first time in my life with my best friend, his housemate and sister and let me tell you, we had a blast!

I think that Valentine's was most memorable because I really challenged myself that day. If you don't know already, I am afraid of heights. No joke. I am PETRIFIED of heights. If there is a shortcut in a form of a hill 2-feet high and it's steep, I'd rather go the roundabout long way. 2-FEET! Told ya' I wasn't kidding. Ahem, I digress. As I was saying, I challenged myself that day because scaredy cat as I was, I still managed to go on a few rides including a roller-coaster and the Space Shot. If you don't know what Space Shot is, let me just say that it's one of the scarier *Scarier? Is that even a word?* rides they have at Genting.

The Space Shot courtesy of Abang Google. Tall isn't it? From experience I can tell you that it takes 2 full blown screams to get you from top to bottom. Here's a video recording I got from Youtube (by Joan Luvfeeling) of a Space Shot ride.

I would have loved to show you a photo as proof that I went on those rides but aside from being overpriced, the picture taken when I was on the Space Shot made me look as if I was Ju-On. My hair was half-covering my face and I had an ugly scream-face going on. Here are some other photos taken on that day. Enjoy!

 Waiting in line for the cable car..

Finally! Looking forward to a day of fun, fun, fun!

Sempat lagi solo shot in the cable car

Tagged! Guess which hand belongs to whom?

Our 1st ride.. 

Muka relax. Pedahal makin takut, makin besar tu sinyuman..

In the spinning teacup

Istiqamah memusing stereng teacup..

Then we went to London using Floo powder.. I joke, I joke.. 

In Dinosourland... Not scary but pretty cool..

Dub dab dub dab...

Satu-satunya bukti sy naik Space Shot... 

After one of the water rides. Tiada bawa baju tukar tapi kami amalkan prinsip "Just Do It" by Nike. Hehe..

Looking at these photos makes me miss those good times. Nowadays I don't think I would be going on any crazy rides. Iyo lah, kalo ada apa2 jadi sama sy, kesian la princess Sophia Mikhayla. Kalo pegi Genting lagi paling2 pun jadi tukang pegang beg jak la.. Hehe..

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I certainly had a great time writing it. Until the next post. Cheers!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tale Of Me And The Lion Dance

Hello all..
When I was a little girl I used to be petrified of lion dances. Iyo lah, dengan bunyik dorom besar dorang, the cymbals lagi. The beat was so loud my heart in my chest seemed to reverberate to the rhythm. Every time I heard the sound of the lion dance I would cry and pull my dad's hand in a bid to steer him in the opposite direction to get away.

I was about 6 or 7 years old when a group of lion dancers came to a clothing shop where I was in to perform. I wanted to run away but I couldn't because I was trapped somehow. There the 'lion' was, prancing and dancing while batting its eyes *which was actually cute but to the cowering me at that time, it was a terrifying sight* when it suddenly opened its mouth and I SAW A BOY'S FACE. My jaw literally dropped. I was puzzled enough to cautiously make my way closer to the dancing lion.

It's mouth opened again and I saw a flash of the boy's face once more. My eyes dropped to the lion's legs and I SAW SHOES. "What trickery is this?" I thought. Only then did it dawned on me that THERE WAS A PERSON INSIDE THAT LION! Which meant that that boy was the one controlling the 'lion' and it's not a 'lion' gone berserk to the loud banging and crashing of the drums and cymbals after all. Oh, to be fooled all those years! I felt like smacking the 'lion'. Macam la tu 'lion' sengaja tipu sy kan. Lol..

Since then, I no longer feared the 'lions' of lion dances and in fact I came to like them a lot. I appreciate a well-made 'lion' costume and love the bright color combinations. When there's a lion dance performance I would always stop to see them and I could watch a lion dance competition on CD for hours. I admire the skills, creativity, concentration and team spirit the dancers need to have in order to compete. Even just for performances, some 'lions' can be so cute in character *skipping about, tilting their head from side to side while blinking* and realistic that it's easy to forget that they are not really alive.


The cutesy Southern lion..

I don't like the Northern lion costume though. They look a bit too demented fierce for my taste.

The rabid fierce-looking Northern lions.

Okay, this is a random thought but I think it would be really cool to learn how to perform and take part in a lion dance. Not the acrobatic stunts God forbid, but just the simple prancing-about-blinking-and-looking-pretty type of performance on flat ground. That would be sooooo cooolll especially since I have never seen a girl perform before. Is it because girls are not allowed to do it? Paling kurang pun I would like to be a part of a well-performing lion dance team walaupun sekadar jadi tukang pungut angpow from the shopkeepers. Yang penting, be a part of it.

Were you ever afraid of lion dance performances when you were young? Or were you that little bugger who would wrestle out of your mother's grasp and run up to pat it *showoff*? Do you have a memorable experience with a prancing 'lion'? Share it!

Before I go, here and here as well are videos on lion dance performances for your enjoyment. Cheers my dears!

P/S: All photos are from Google.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lost and Overwhelmed..

Hello there..
I have been silent for a while because I spent a week at my hometown, brought Sophie home to KK for a week then went to my hometown again to sent her to my parents. I just got back 2 hours ago actually.

Anyway, I would really like to put this question out there: Have you ever been at a crossroad where you couldn't decide at all which road to chose and the more you weigh your options, the more conflicted and confused you become? I am, unfortunately, in this situation at the moment.

Life is beautiful but there are occasions when it can feel as if a practical joke is being played on you. For example, you met the man of your dreams who fulfills every criteria from looks to financial stability and compatibility but he doesn't want to have children, like, ever whereas you want at least 5 kids.

Or you scored a position in the company of your dreams with a big pay only to have it take you away from your spouse and children 300 days a year because of the travelling it requires. What I am trying to say is that sometimes you get something or someone that fulfills 95% of your requirements only to have to let go because the remaining 5%, though small, is a deal-breaking factor.

As I was saying, I am at a crossroad in my life. I am a the point where I do know which decision is more favorable to me at the back of my mind but do not have the courage to acknowledge it. I also don't know when or how to implement that choice. I feel guilty of what I would have to do as it does not involve only me but others as well. Sigh. I really hate being in this position.

No matter how icky the situation is, I would have to face it and deal with it anyway. In the mean time I will just try not to worry about it too much, InsyaAllah..

By the way, Sophie got injured during her stay here. The wee little minikin has gotten very attached to me that so much so I couldn't move without her wanting to crawl after me so normally when I needed some time to get things done such as cooking, doing the laundry and dishes, I would put her in the baby cot. I didn't want to leave her unattended outside the cot, takut dia try and stand up only to fall over on the cement floor or that she would explore a dirty corner. She doesn't like being put in the baby cot and would cry as well as attempt to climb out but her foothold would always slip and she would slide down back into it.

Unfortunately on that particular day when she slid back down into the cot, her chin hit the top bar of the cot. The force was so great that her head actually bounced back. I ran over to her and checked her over. Imagine my shock at seeing her mouth bleed. Rasa macam jantung sy gugur 25 kali. I dabbed her mouth with a piece of clean cotton pad and in a few minutes her crying and her bleeding stopped. That night I couldn't sleep. Nangis saja keja sy. I felt so guilty. The worse thing is that it happened again the next day when I had to leave her in the baby cot to make her milk.

I feel like burning the cot. Seriously. Mahal2 la beli tau2 begini bahaya? Bagus lagi tu old school rattan baby cot I used to be put in as a baby.

I wanted to bring her to see a doctor but all the paeds clinic I know were closed for the holidays. I observed her and so far she is fine. She could drink her milk, eat and she didn't come down with a fever. Crossing my fingers that she would stay that way.

This is all for now. I hope you guys are faring better wherever you are. Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating and be safe.