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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello there..

Ladies, have you ever been called 'high maintenance' or 'high class'? I have and by a guy no less. All because I choose King Cup brand canned sardines instead of the unknown brand that is the cheapest in the store. Confused? So am I. I don't believe that just because I prefer butter over margarine or Ladies Choice smooth peanut butter over those peanut butters packed in ugly plastic cups, I am high maintenance.

I am the type of person who believes in buying quality products, especially when it comes to food, skin care and body care. These are things that you put into your body, onto your skin. It is what effects you internally and externally hence, your health. Undeniably, most products that works wonders and have no long-term side effects tend to be more expensive due to the R&D that goes into making them.

With that being said, I am also a firm believer in product mileage. Let's say I were to compare Brand X to Brand Y in terms of

 in terms of powder foundation. Brand X has limited color shades and none of them suit my skin tone, it makes my skin look powdery when applied and I get oil patches before lunch hour. It is priced RM29.90 with a weigh of 10gBrand Y on the other hand suits my skin tone to a 'T', mattifies my skin without making it look powdery and lasts 8 hours. Priced at RM128.00 (during time of purchase) with 15g of product.

Come and take a look at the following points:
1. We use makeup to enhance our features, not make them look even worse so obviously we would want a face powder that suits our skin, nor one that makes us look ashy. Brand Y suits me best.
2. Long lasting powder also means less touch-ups and less products used. Brand Y lasts double the time of Brand X.
3. Normally high end products are bigger in size. In this case, Brand Y has 5g more product.

So looking at the above, would you really blame me if I go for Brand Y? If