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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chatting With You..

Hello there...

I think it has been a long time since I've done a post that does not start with any purpose whatsoever. You know, the type where I just start randomly and it flows to whatever that came into my mind in that given moment. This is going to be such post.

In case you're wondering why my posts no longer has much pictures in them, it's because I mostly take my pics using my phone instead of a camera and I am Instagram crazy. I think it is my kryptonite in terms of social media platforms. For one thing they have effects that makes photos look really nice and taking a photo with one's phone is much more discreet compared to an actual camera. If it is any consolation, you can actually see my Instagram photos on my blog's sidebar. It would be even better if you could follow me though. Hehe..

By the way, I am feeling a bit better after taking antibiotics for my Bronchitis. I will have to switch where I sleep though. Usually I sleep directly under the fan and that seems to make my chest hurt. I do wear a sweater to sleep last night so that my chest doesn't get cold.

This morning as I was having breakfast at Fook Yuen Gaya this man was smoking right behind me and I coughed so much because of his ciggie smoke. My lungs felt as if it was on fire. I truly felt like smacking him then and there. I know I could have said something. I could have expressed my rights with my fingers to my lips and wagging them at him *has anyone actually tried doing that to a smoker? Did it work? Do tell in the comments section below* but you know how people can be when you ask them to smoke elsewhere no matter how nicely you do it.

I do wish smokers would consider those around them before lighting up. DON't ask people if they mind you smoking. 99% would say they don't mind even if they do because they don't want to make you feel like a lowly creature for picking up the habit in the 1st place. Just ask them if they smoke. I they say they don't then don't light up. Simple. If you don't mind having lung cancer and all other diseases associated with smoking, then by all means puff away but please don't drag others with you. Okay?

I am pressed for time so this will be all for now. Do share with me what's on your mind and what is your favorite social media. Cheers!