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Friday, February 15, 2013

My Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever!

Hello there..
I guess I should have done this post yesterday for Valentine's Day but I was a bit busy so it just has to be today. Anywhoo... This post is going to be about my most memorable V-Day which was in the year 2010. Funny thing is, it doesn't even involve a cutesy card, yummy chocolates or fragrant flowers *not that I have anything against it*. On that V-Day I went to Genting Highlands for the first time in my life with my best friend, his housemate and sister and let me tell you, we had a blast!

I think that Valentine's was most memorable because I really challenged myself that day. If you don't know already, I am afraid of heights. No joke. I am PETRIFIED of heights. If there is a shortcut in a form of a hill 2-feet high and it's steep, I'd rather go the roundabout long way. 2-FEET! Told ya' I wasn't kidding. Ahem, I digress. As I was saying, I challenged myself that day because scaredy cat as I was, I still managed to go on a few rides including a roller-coaster and the Space Shot. If you don't know what Space Shot is, let me just say that it's one of the scarier *Scarier? Is that even a word?* rides they have at Genting.

The Space Shot courtesy of Abang Google. Tall isn't it? From experience I can tell you that it takes 2 full blown screams to get you from top to bottom. Here's a video recording I got from Youtube (by Joan Luvfeeling) of a Space Shot ride.

I would have loved to show you a photo as proof that I went on those rides but aside from being overpriced, the picture taken when I was on the Space Shot made me look as if I was Ju-On. My hair was half-covering my face and I had an ugly scream-face going on. Here are some other photos taken on that day. Enjoy!

 Waiting in line for the cable car..

Finally! Looking forward to a day of fun, fun, fun!

Sempat lagi solo shot in the cable car

Tagged! Guess which hand belongs to whom?

Our 1st ride.. 

Muka relax. Pedahal makin takut, makin besar tu sinyuman..

In the spinning teacup

Istiqamah memusing stereng teacup..

Then we went to London using Floo powder.. I joke, I joke.. 

In Dinosourland... Not scary but pretty cool..

Dub dab dub dab...

Satu-satunya bukti sy naik Space Shot... 

After one of the water rides. Tiada bawa baju tukar tapi kami amalkan prinsip "Just Do It" by Nike. Hehe..

Looking at these photos makes me miss those good times. Nowadays I don't think I would be going on any crazy rides. Iyo lah, kalo ada apa2 jadi sama sy, kesian la princess Sophia Mikhayla. Kalo pegi Genting lagi paling2 pun jadi tukang pegang beg jak la.. Hehe..

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I certainly had a great time writing it. Until the next post. Cheers!



StellaClaire-Richard said...

Sya suda pernah try tu Space Shots. Adui mau jatuh jantung saya. That's it. I dont want to go for it again. Scary! Haha

Phoebe said...

Hi Stella,
I know, I don't think I would ever go on it again. Cukup la once in a life time experience kan? Hehehe..