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Thursday, February 28, 2013

High Class/High Maintenance

Hello there...

Ladies, have you ever been called 'High Maintenance' or as our people would say 'High Class' before? I have and I wish it was because I wear elegant clothes or always look impeccably put together or something but no, it is because I choose to buy a 'King Cup' brand sardine instead of an unknown brand of which is the cheapest money can buy.

Confused? So am I.

You see, I like the better things in life (who doesn't?) and I do choose brands that I feel is better in quality/texture/taste. For example:

1. I pick Ladies Choice peanut butter spread over those peanut butter in ugly plastic cups because it is smoother and taste better.

2. I pick King Cup sardines over unknown el-cheapo brands of canned sardines because they taste better and don't still have scales in them that get stuck unpleasantly in my throat.

3. I pick L'occitane for my toiletries. I can see noticeable difference in my skin texture using it compared to other brands.

4. I prefer butter over margarine.

5. I love MAC cosmetics.

6. I love Starbucks.

So, am I high maintenance? Before you answer, let me just say:

1. Although I love L'Occitane, I am not beyond using brands such as Johnson&Johnson for my lotions and bath. If I can only afford J&J at a particular time, I would use J&J.

2. While I do love MAC cosmetics, I wouldn't buy it just for the sake of having it even if it doesn't work very well. For example, MAC mascaras are among the worst so I don't buy them. I'd buy a Maybelline mascara anytime because it works.

3. So I like Starbucks. It's not about the brand, it's because it tastes good and their pricing just touches my personal limit as to how expensive a drink can be. Dome is more 'exclusive' but their drinks don't taste as good and it's more expensive so I don't go there.

I am a firm believer in mileage. If a product is pricey but it works well on your skin AND you get a lot of use out of it, why not? Just buy the best of what you can afford especially when it comes to what you put into