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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Summary Of The Year 2011

Hello peeps..
It's the end of the year again *Lord knows how many blogs out there that are using that opening line or similar on this day. Hehehe...* and I would like this post to be a summary of what has happened in the year 2011. This year had been a wild roller-coaster ride for me. I never expected things to turn out the way they did. Anyway, on to the events of 2011...

I went to Guilin, China and experienced winter for the first *and hopefully, the last* time in my life. Money can buy you a lot but it can't buy you experience. I know for sure that I am a Tropical kind of gal now. Hahaha.. More on my trip here.

At the Elephant Trunk Hill, one of the prominent landmarks of Guilin..

I turned 25 on this month! I was so ridiculously happy because first of all, it is one of my favorite numbers. Secondly, I felt that it is the ultimate mark of me being in my prime *this is just my personal notion of course*. I couldn't help but feel that something exciting is going to happen in my life. If only I knew *secret smile to self*  

By the way, I had my best birthday celebration to date on my 25th. I spend the time with friends and my Boo. Boo gave me a gift that made me do the 'ugly cry' *you know, the all out bawling kind of cry*. 

 Me, Vv and Bb
If you recognized her, yes, Vv was a finalist in the 2010 Unduk Ngadau competition. 
*I just had to mention that didn't I? Hahaha...*

With Eva and my gift from Boo

*Both pics are courtesy of dear Eva's Oh-So-Awesome DSLR..

Discovered something that shook my world. An unexpected surprise, one that will change my life forever. Alhamdulillah, I never knew that I would be granted such a gift. 

I FINALLY resigned from the Government. People said that I was going to regret my decision as others had before me. Maybe I would in the future, but so far, the only feeling that I have about it is relief and happiness. I didn't even blink when it was announced that there would be a raise for Government staff by January next year. Perhaps that is an indication that my decision was the right one? Time will tell I suppose.

My resignation was recognized an I am officially not a part of the Government staff any longer. *Cue Happy Feet penguin dance*  Woot woot...

Received news about my health that made me reel back in horror. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything would be okay.

There's not a lot of pictures this time around I'm afraid. I just realized it when I started to work on this post. Haha.. Hope you guys still enjoyed reading it though.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2012. May great and joyful things be in store for us all in the coming year. Thank you for following and reading this humble blog of mine. Your support has been and will always be invaluable. 

Cheers and wassalam...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wayang James Bond, Hindustan Dan Tamil

Sejak kebelakangan ni dad sy selalu tengo movie James Bond. Dari lah lakonan Sean Connery *Kiranya James Bond old school lah* sampai lah lakonan Pierce Bronsnan. It's on every night it seems, from 10PM to 12PM.

Sean Connery

Walaupun ada api besar di belakang, rambut tetap rapi. Guna gel rambut jenama apa tu Mr. 007? 

Sy tidak tau la kalo kamu kan, mungkin kamu minat tengo cerita si 007 ni tapi terus terang, makin sy tingu, makin sy menyampah campur kelucuan campur kegelian. Aksi2 Mr. 007 ni bukan main lagi, kiranya ada fight la dengan wayang Hindustan. Bulih2 berlawan dengan musuh tapi rambut sikit pun tidak kusut?

Nda cukup begitu kaki pengurat numbur satu. Kalo ada 4 perempuan dalam movie tu, 4 perempuan tu juga lah dia urat dan, well, ahem.. *Tuuut* Perempuan2 yang dalam movie J.Bond ni pun musti suma dahi licin, suma sexy2. Apakah?

Suma perempuannya sexy mexy belaka..

Kalo wayang Hindustan pun nda kurang juga tembirangnya. Heronya musti lah yang paling handsome, paling popular, paling kuat, etc. Si Heroine pun musti yang paling cantik, paling sexy, paling popular. Mau cakap 'I love you'/'I hate you'/merajuk/memujuk/bawa pi makan musti lah menyanyi sekurang2nya 5 minit, tukar baju tidak kurang 5 kali dan wajib latar belakang merentas 5 benua dengan geng2 penari *yang entah muncul dari mana* tidak kurang 50 orang. Heraaannnn...

Wajib nyanyi ramai2. Quorum penari musti 50 orang ke atas...

"I love you" 
Entah sesat pigi benua mana dah ni...

Kalau begitu lah kehidupan kita seharian hilang suara oh. Mulut pun cramp.

Itu belum lagi masuk adengan lawan dengan musuh. Girlfriend si Hero sudah kena bawa lari dengan kereta, si Hero bulih pula kejar dengan berlari jak. Siap overtake tu kereta lagi tu! Iron Man + Hussein Bolt la bah tu kan. Bila tumbuk musuh lagi, mesti ada sound effect "Dusyum... Dusyum.. Dusyum..." *ada echo sebab tu bunyi makin kecik*

Fuiyo.. Dasat worrr....

Tapi kan, tapi kan sy rasa kalo fight scenes ni muvie Tamil yg paling manang. 1 hero lawan 20 penjahat yang bersenjatakan M16. Sepa menang? Tatap juga si Hero walaupun dia punya senjata hanya lah tuala muka putih yang sentiasa tersidai di lehernya. Sekali libas terpelanting si penjahat2 sekalian sampai terkeluar dari tingkap rumah *cermin pecah wooorrr*/terhempap meja sampai patah. Libas lagi dua kali trus berjaya merampas M16 penjahat yang satu lagi. Pokok pangkalnya, Hero must win!

Berdarah kah, patah tangan kah, kena tembak kah, usah gusar kawan2. Hero musti menang..

Walaupun tidak masuk akal, kita tetap berebut2 pergi tengo kalo ada wayang diorang yang terbaru keluar di panggung kan? *Ah, sepa geleng kepala tu tipu* Ndapa lah, all in good fun juga. Tapi bila pergi tengo wayang2 macam ni, kena la keep an open mind. Kena ikut juga tidak logik. Kalo tidak, musti nda feel tu movie kan. Malar lah ketawa sampai rasa mau pecah perut. Marah nanti tu orang sebelah yang teresak2 nangis feel abis cerita tu nanti.

Ini jak la post sy untuk kali ni. Melaulut2 pula kan. Dari la wayang James Bond, pigi wayang Hindustan, pigi wayang Tamil. Hope you enjoyed it though. Cheers and wassalam.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreadlocks, Tattoos and Body Piercing-Looks Can Be Deceiving

Hello peeps...
Experience has taught me not to judge people by how they look. I've met girls who were wild and loud at a glance yet have proven to be invaluable friends where it counts. I've also met people who look 'harmless' and 'innocent' yet eventually reveal characters that would make me rather embrace a Great White Shark then be anywhere near said person.

However, I think all of us are guilty of judging people by their physical appearance, even if we don't mean to, especially at a first glance. I never really gave much thought to this before until I met a former schoolmate of mine recently.

He had multiple facial piercings, tattoos all along his arms and he sported the dreaded Dreadlocks (no pun intended). I guess it shouldn't have been too surprised as I knew that he had inclinations towards body piercing even during our school years but it didn't prevent me from recoiling in shock when I first set eyes on him.

Imagine this minus the hot bod and face..

Well, I must say the first thing that ran through my mind was "I wonder what he's doing now? Is he working?" "How must his mother feel with him portraying such image?" and so on. I didn't dwell too long on it though and he was soon out of my mind. Until I saw him again yesterday.

I was going to the Tamu in my hometown with my parents when I saw him arriving with his mother. I bumped into them while circulating the Tamu and you know what? There he was with his mom following her wherever she went and carrying her purchases. Not once did I see him show impatience or any indication that he didn't want to be there.

Which made me stop and look around. There were NO other young men there who were tottering after their mothers like he was. NO ONE was being the gentleman that he was being. In fact, some of the husbands that came with their wives and children were walking with their hands free while leaving their wives to carry their child, handbags and purchases. Talk about being rude and inconsiderate!

Maybe Allah wanted to show me something that day and think because I found myself thinking really deeply. Is it wrong to include people like this in my social circle? Would I be ashamed if a relative of mine has that kind of image? Is it enough to be good on the inside but not conform to the social norms on the outside? If I met the man of my dreams but he has such image would I be able to accept him for who he is?

I find these questions hard to answer actually. What do you think? If you found the man/woman of your dreams but they don't have a clean-cut image, would you be able to accept them? If your son or daughter brought their girlfriend or boyfriend that sports dreadlocks and piercings would you give him/her a chance or chase him/her with a broom? I'm really curious to know what you think you would do.

"Mum, dad.. Meet my girlfriend" 

This is all for now peeps. Cheers and wassalam.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cinnamon Milk Tea

Hi there,
I've always been obsessed with drinking milk tea whether it is bought from the shops or making it myself. Recently however I have been over the moon with a slight twist that I've made to my homemade milk tea. Yup, as the title states, I have been adding cinnamon to my milk tea. Since I like it so much I am going to share with you how to make it in the comfort of your own home!

Note: If you are allergic to ANY of the ingredients used please do not consume this beverage. 

1 sachet of Lipton's Gold Milk Tea
Sugar to taste (I use 1 sachet of Slim Up)
A small pinch of cinnamon
1 spoon of powdered milk
200ml hot water
A mug and a spoon (obviously)

1. Mix the milk tea, sugar, powdered milk and cinnamon well together in the mug.

Remember, a small pinch of cinnamon goes a long way..

Mix well together..

2. Pour hot water, stir and enjoy!


Give it a try and tell me what you think. ^^

This is all for now. Cheers and wassalam.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Berkatut! Ep 2..

Dei, dei, dei.. Menarik betul kah cerita katut a.k.a kotud a.k.a ketumbit ni sampai mau ada episod kedua lagi ni? Hahaha... Post ini bukan untuk sy komplen pasal sakit mata sy tapi petua menyembuhkan sakit kotud ni. Siap ada resipi lagi ni. Sangat mujarab, 2 hari jak sudah baik. Ha, kalo kamu ikut ni petua nda akan berani lagi kotud singgah di mata kamu.

Use at your own risk. The author is in no way responsible for any unfortunate results that occur by following this natural remedy. 

2 (saiz besar) - 3 (saiz kecil) helai daun sirih *Ini bahan wajib. Kalo tiada baik ndapayah buat*
Lesung yang bersih *Mesti bersih berabis tau. Tuang la air panas campur garam kah apakah, janji bersih. Jangan tuang kloroks sudah*
2 Bekas kecil
Alat saringan
Air *Guna air yang selamat diminum nda kira lah air mineral kah, air filter kah. Janji bukan air mentah dari paip*

Air nda termasuk dalam gambar. Sepa suuh dia lambat mau bermakeup. 
Last2 ketinggalan photoshoot. Kotoh..

Cara menyediakan: *cheh, ayat skema tu bah*:

1. Tumbuk *maksudnya lumatkan ah, bukan tumbuk betul2* helaian daun sirih dalam lesung

Begini jadinya daun sirih yang dilumatkan. Amatlah nda menarik rupanya but don't judge a remedy by their looks.

2. Letak daun sirih yang dilumatkan dalam bekas plastik pertama dan campur air

Note: Sepa berani sikit mati campur la sikit jak air dan kalo tidak berapa berani mati simpan banyak sikit air, dalam 150ml. Air daun sirih ni pedih.

3. Goncangkan campuran tersebut dan saringkan ke dalam bekas plastik kedua.

Macam main masak2 pula sy rasa.. Hihihi...


Cara menggunakan:

1. Celupkan kapas (ala, kapas muka tu) ke dalam air daun sirih dan titiskan ke dalam mata. 

2. Tutup mata selama 20 saat. Ini mengurangkan rasa pedih dalam mata.

3. Amalkan 5 kali sehari. Bila mata nampak macam sudah sembuh, teruskan penggunaan 1 hari lagi. Jangan terus berhenti.

Note: Jangan celup kapas yang telah digunakan kembali ke dalam air daun sirih. Ini adalah untuk maintain hygene tuan2 dan puan2 sekalian.

Note 2: Jangan guna air daun sirih yang sama selepas 24 jam. Buat air daun sirih yang baru setiap hari. Hygene is key.  

Haaaaa.. Selain menyembuhkan sakit katut, air daun sirih ni boleh juga digunakan untuk menyembuhkan sakit mata tau. *Ala yg buat mata jadi merah lagi menyala tu, sampai orang nda berani tengo mata kita tu* Kalo katut pula boleh ambil lebihan daun sirih yang dilumatkan dan tempek di bahagian yang bengkak. Pedih la rasa tapi no pain no gain kan.. Tahan jak la kalo mau baik. Hehe....

Ni jak la untuk kali ni. Selamat mencuba. Cheers and wassalam...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Voice Of Conscience

Calmness settled around me
"I will be fine," I said
"Everything will be alright"
A smile settles on my lips.

Then Conscience awakens
"My poor, poor child.."
"Your head is in the clouds.."
"You have yet to comprehend just what you have done"
"Wake up! Wake up! Before you fall from even greater heights"

I stood and screamed defiantly
"Silence! You know not of what you speak!"
"What's done is done, I cannot un-ring the bell"

Conscience looked at me with sad eyes
"You will rue the day you went against their wishes"
"You will rue the day you took the hard way"
"You will rue the day you followed your heart"

"I will NOT! The decision is mine and mine alone!"
"Whatever the outcome, at least it is by my own hands"
Tears well up in my eyes and formed a path down my cheeks.
"This is my life..," I whispered brokenly.

Conscience whirls around and says sharply
"That is the talk of fools!"
"The talk of babes whose wings have yet to spread fully"
"Cease this nonsense my child"
"Why chose such a hard road full of thorns and sharp stones
when a road of silk and sweet scented flowers welcomes you?"

I gave her a watery smile and say
"I choose sharp stones over silken roads,
and thorns over scented flowers because I believe"
"I believe, and that's all that matters"

Conscience shakes her head impatiently,
turns and walks away.
She pauses then turns around and say
"May God Help you then,"
"Ah,"said I. "He already has,"

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Sekarang ni kawan kamu si Phy tengah sakit mata. Bengkak, on the way mau jadi katut la katakan. Eh, eh, jangan sangka buruk tau. Sy teda pigi intai2 orang mandi atau tukar baju kah apa. Dosa tu, dosa tu.. Sy ni kan budak baik... *Dipersilakan muntah atau ketawa terbahak-bahak ya tuan2 dan puan2*

Al-kisahnya bermula begini, *bagi yang ingin mengetahui lah. Kalo nda mau tau sila ke perenggan seterusnya. Terima kasih* Dua malam lepas sy dengan hati dan tangan yang gatal pergi pakai gel eyeliner warna biru di mata. Test skill lah kunu. Manatau sudah lupa cara2 pakai eyeliner jenis ini kan. Okay lah juga, skill tu masih ada kunu. Bila bangun pagi kemarin (dalam bahasa West Malaysianya 'semalam'), sy rasa mata sy sakit. Bila belek2 muka yang tidak seberapa ini depan cermin baru nampak, rupanya bengkak.

Oleh kerana takut2 melarat jadi katut, sy pun mulalah ingat2 balik petua2 orang2 tua pasal mau kasi hilang katut ni. Ada yang cakap tekap bahagian yang bengkak dengan tuala panas, ada yang cakap letak serbuk kayu manis, letak madu liar/mentah dan ada yang cakap letak air daun sirih.

Serbuk kayu manis saja yang ada di rumah, jadi sy pun dengan 'condifen'nya letak serbuk tu di bahagian mata yang bengkak. Ya ampun, punya lah pedih + gatal + berasap! Rasa macam mau lumpat-lumpat *Tapi musti lah sy nda lumpat. Hilang lah ayu sy* Ke'enak'an sakit tu, sampai keluar air mata. Tapi oleh kerana mau baik punya pasal, setiap 2 jam sy letak kayu manis tu. *Iya, setiap 2 jam juga sy rasa mau lumpat2* Gigih kan?

Namun apakan daya, kegigihan kawan kamu ni si Phy nda ke mana. Sama juga tu mata bengkak. Actually, makin bengkak lagi sikit. Jadi sy tiada pilihan melainkan cuba petua seterusnya, iaitu tekap tuala panas di bahagian mata yang bengkak. Yang ini nda payah cakap la nikmatnya macam mana. Jangan bilang lumpat2, nafas pun jadi nafas naga. Aduih...

Pagi tadi minta kirim my mum beli daun sirih. Mau tumbuk dalam lesung campur air dan air tu titiskan di mata. Ini pun bikin mata pedih juga ni. Apa lah nasib kawan kamu si Phy ni? Tiada kah petua yang nda sakit, pedih dan sewaktu dengannya? Heraaaannnnn... Apa bulih buat lah, tahan jak la kan? Sanggup lagi tahan sakit dari tahan malu berkatut kunu.

Kalo kamu ada apa2 petua untuk hilangkan katut atau mengelakkan katut tu dari menjadi, sila2 lah kongsikan kio. Kalo petua tu nda menyakitkan lagi2 lah digalakkan berkonsi. Hehe..

Ini jak la cerita kawan kamu yang malang untuk kali ini. Cheers and wassalam.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Perangai Buruk Si Phy: Malar Jak Menukar Bah..

Hello... Apa khabar, sihat kah?

Di sini sy mau cerita sikit tentang satu lagi perangai buruk *Ish, nda abis2 dengan perangai buruk kan?* sy iaitu suka tukar-tukar produk. Ni memang sy rasa macam satu penyakit, nda kira lah  produk skincare kah, rambut kah, badan kah. Selalunya skincare lah. Sy ni suka mencuba dan suka membeli. Tapi kan tapi kan, kalo setakat tukar-tukar produk jak tiada juga bah masalah. Rasanya besa la tu kalo perempuan kan? *Kasi salah lagi tu jantina kunu, walhal memang nafsu serakah sendiri.. Huhu..* 

Masalah sebenar ialah sy ni tukar produk sebelum produk tu habis. Sy cepat bosan guna satu produk bah. Baru separuh botol sudah sy boring. Beli lagi produk baru yang lain. Teruk kan, teruk kan? Ish... Jarang betul sy dapat jumpa something yang sy suka betul sampai sy guna habis. Kalo ada tu, maknanya memang sy suka kaw2 lah benda tu.

Sy betul2 tabik dengan orang yang boleh beli botol syampu atau shower gel yang sampai 5 Liter *Okay2 drama la pulak, maksud sy 1.5 Liter* dan guna sampai habis. Nda cukup begitu, bila sudah habis, diorang beli lagi dengan jenama dan haruman yang SAMA. OMGHHKP! Kalo sy kan, sy pengsan sudah tu gara2 terlampau keboringan. Rasa2nya orang2 macam ni jenis steady kan? Nda pun mungkin jenis yang setia. *Tup! Terkena hidung sendiri. Jadi maknanya sy bukan jenis setia lah ni? Huwaaaa...*

Oleh sebab sy takut kena soal di akhirat nanti sy sekarang mula sudah meng'adjust'kan diri. Kalo dulu beli produk full sized tapi sekarang beli produk saiz comel lagi kementot supaya belum sy sempat boring, sudah habis. Haaa... Rugi sikit la dari segi harga sebab makin besar saiz produk, makin jimat bila banding harga atas kandungan. Tapi rasanya lagi rugi kalo beli barang saiz besar lepas nda habis pakai kan? Dosa eh membazir.. Huhu...

Jadi sy mau tau kalo kamu pun ada sikap yang sama (cepat boring, atau belum habis guna sudah tukar)? Atau pun kamu ni jenis sebaliknya?

Tu jak la untuk kali ni. Cheers and wassalam..

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Phy Is An Internet Junkie

Hello peeps..

As much as it's a pain in my bootylicious tush to admit, I am an Internet junkie. I could spend hours on it watching YouTube, updating my blog, blog walking, following the tweets of celebs and friends on Twitter and updating my Facebook status 1586172653434217235 times a day.

is feeling happy today..  \(^o^)/

I get disgruntled when I get cut off from the Internet. It's not that I can't live without it, I just think that life becomes dull without it. Crappy Internet connection pisses me off while the opposite garners an impressed ''Oooohhh.. So faaaaasssttt.. I liiiikkkkkeee..." from me. When I am in the middle of my YouTube marathon, an interruption almost always makes me want to bite someone's head off. *I can imagine the Gods and Goddesses of Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube smiling indulgently down at me, while nodding their heads approvingly*

Now if any of my future employers happen to stumble upon this particular post of mine, do not fear. No, you don't need to hesitate in employing me and no, you don't have to limit the Internet connection line on my PC. I'm so into the Internet that the above only happens when I have hours and hours to kill. The few minutes of free time (which is to be used to take deep breaths and refocus) during work is just not worth going online for. You can take my word for it.

Are you addicted in love with Mr Internet?

That's all for now. Cheers peeps and wassalam..

Phoebe Is An Internet Junkie...

Hello peeps..

As much as it pains me in my bootylicious 

Phoebe Is An Internet Junkie...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bangun Pagi Tebuk Jari...

Hari ni terpaksa bgn awal pagi sebab mau pigi Klinik Kesihatan amik ujian darah berpuasa. Arrrghhh! Nda suka nda suka... Sudah la kwn kamu ni si Phy bukan penggemar bangun pagi. Urgh! Bukan malas bah but I'm not a morning type of person (Cheh! Buat alasan lagi. Kalo sudah malas tu mengaku jak la). Tapi betul, sy kalo bangun pagi mesti berlipat sana sini dulu baru bangun. Alasan stretching.*Tapi kalo ikut logik, adakah org yg stretching sampai 15 minit? Siap ada bunyi berdengkur lagi* Tiada lah sy buka mata jak trus duduk menggeliat dengan over sambil senyum dari telinga ke telinga.

Kalo berurusan dengan hospital kerajaan atau klinik kesihatan wajib datang awal. Biar staff menyampah tengo muka kita sebab beza orang yang datang awal dengan lambat ni yang awal tunggu 1 jam jak br kena layan tapi yg datang lambat ni 5 jam baru kena layan. Haaaaa... Sebab tu la beta gigihkan diri datang menghadap pintu Makmal jam 7.15am lagi walaupun dengan  lamgkah yang lemah longlai dan mata berair (gara2 menguap lebih2).

Ganjarannya sy yang delwan kena check darah. Lepas lab assistant tu tebuk jari sy, dia suruh sy minum air gula satu gelas. Minum la kunu sy. Atukkkooooooiiii... Sudah lah panas tu air gula, manis barabis lagi. Macam terbakar kerongkong sy. Mau minum capat2 macam mau muntah la pula. Uih, uih, uih... Dasaaaaattt worrrr.. Sudah la tu, sambung puasa lagi 2 jam jadi ndalah bulih minum air. Seksa seksa...
Manisnya air gula tu bikin taubat mau makan benda2 manis lepas ni. Jangan bilang gula2, coklat pun ndakkan beta layan... Okay tipu *kedapatan lobang hidung kembang*.. Kalo coklat tu kawan kamu ni tatap layan juga la. Ala, cubit sikit2 jak la. Cubit2 manja la katakan.

Menunggu la kunun sy 2 jam berlalu. Punya boring... Sudah lah boring, haus lagi. Ini la part paling mencabar bila buat ujian darah berpuasa.15 minit terakhir tu lagi lah. Rasa macam mau lumpat2 jak.*Pedahal bukannya masa makin cepat bergerak pun kalo lumpat2. Bikin hilang ayu dan glamour jak* Nasiblah ada handphone pintar (yang dibeli ngan duit hutang-cari-nahas-sendiri) sebagai penghibur. Dapat la sy compose entry ini. Sekurang2nya nda juga terasa sgt seksa menunggu.

Tup tup masa untuk tebuk jari kali kedua pun tiba. Rupanya bad news.. Aduih... Sakitnya hati. Kacaunya jiwa. Macam hilang arah sekejap. Sedihnya hanya Allah jak lah yang tau. Salah sy kah? Bukan, salahkan hormon doktor bilang. *Betul ni doktor yang bilang, bukan sy mau unjuk jari suka suki*  Jadi bermula lah hidup kawan kamu ni ulang alik pigi Hospital. Terus terang, rasa macam mau naik pigi puncak Hotel Juta lepas tu terjun. Kurang sungguh kesanggupan sy. Apa boleh buat la kan, pasrah jak lah...

Tu jak lah cerita sy untuk kali ni. Kurang cheers hari ni.. Huhu..

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Merdeka! Dan Al-Kisah Banker Ala Detektif

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

"Apa la mimpi kawan sy si Phy ni tiba2 laung merdeka ni? Hari merdeka Malaya dan Malaysia kan dua2 sudah limpas? Sot eh.." Bukan mimpi, bukan sot. Lali lagi lah bukan. Sebenarnya ada berita gumbira bah ni yang sy mau share kavagu. Last Friday pihak IPDT call sy dan maklumkan yang JPA sudah approve resignation sy. Jadi tiada sudah ikatan sy sama Kerajaan. Yay! *Uinah, amik masa 4 bulan juga lah mau selesai. Kalo ada ayam mengeram telur masa sy tender resignation sy hari tu, bujang dah anak dia kan? Silap2 jadi nenek sudah ayam tu.*

Sudah sy selesai tap dancing macam penguin Happy Feet sy pun tanya lah pasal gaji sy. Sy sebenarnya susah hati juga kalau2 gaji sy terus 'berjalan' selama 3 bulan ni sebab malas bah sy 'ada hutang' dengan Kerajaan. Banyak songeh. Kalo kurang di pihak diorang bukan main lagi macam Along minta bayar balik. Bila kurang di pihak kita macam kura2 mau bayar kita balik. Maaf kalau ada yang terasa. Ini bukan hasutan tau, tapi reality.

Eh, eh melarat pula. Balik pada cerita asal. Rupa2nya diorang sudah hentikan gaji sy 2 bulan lepas. One more Yay! Menari2 lagi sekejap sebelum sy sedar something yang buat sy rasa bagai dipanah petir. Oh no! Jadi komitmen sy dengan cik abang Bank Rakyat dan cik abang PTPTN 2 bulan sudah la tidak kena bayar? Oh tiddaaaaakkkk.... Terbayang2 yours truly kena masuk lokap sebab gagal bayar hutang2 yang diri sendiri minta puji pigi cari. *Cue lagu* Tiwas! Tiwas!Koooootttooohhh!!!

Walaupun rasa macam cacing kepanasan terpaksa juga tunggu hari Isnin untuk settle hal ni. Malangnya pagi Isnin tu juga la mimpi sy paling enak, sedap dan nyaman (Sy mimpi yang sy buat presentation yang penting dalam auditorium dan semua orang termasuk bos2 besar sy impressed barabis. Nah, ndakkah sedap, enak dan nyaman mimpi begitu tu?) Selepas melipatkan diri dalam posisi sujud dengan alasan mau stretching (pedahal mau curi beberapa saat lg ngorok) akhirnya bangun juga.

Sorry, I'm digressing again. Jadi jumpa la kunu orang yang berkaitan di Bank Rakyat cawangan Keningau. Bagus juga jantung dia, dia bagi sy nombor talipon di cawangan Likas. Call la lagi di sana. Lepas sudah minta sambung, cakap hello, kasitau nama tu suma begini la dialog kami:

Me: Sy mau maklumkan yang sy tidak bekerja lagi dengan Kerajaan jadi sy akan bayar secara tunai mulai dari sekarang.
Abang Bank Rakyat: Kenapa quit dari kerajaan? Susah tu mau dapat. Kerja kah sekarang?
Me: *Suka hati sy la bah mau quit kah inda* Sy berhenti atas kemahuan sendiri. Inda, sy nda bekerja sekarang ni.
Abang Bank Rakyat: Sudah kahwin?
Me: *Uh, apa kaitan? Blur...* Sudah. (Okay, belum bah. Tapi sepa suruh dia tanya soalan yang bukan2? Sy jawab juga lah yang bukan2.. Haha.. Kotoh kena terek..)
Abang Bank Rakyat: Kalo puan tidak bayar, puan boleh bankrupt ni. Boleh kena saman, masuk penjara.
Me: *Uih uih uih.. Men geratak ko ah. Rilek ko geng* Bayaran tu tiada masalah encik. Sy cuma mau tau macam mana caranya, kalau ada apa2 dokumentasi yang perlu follow up. (Chewah! Jawab macam kaya ala Donald Trump. Pedahal tercungap2 juga kalo bukan sudah prepare duit untuk bayar)
Abang Bank Rakyat: Blah.. Blah.. Blah (Bagi penerangan)

Kalo abang Bank Rakyat tu mau tukar profesyen jadi detektif pun ada bakat kan? Sy pun nda pasti soalan2 dia tu soalan standard kah atau atas dasar 'kepenyibukkan' (Wujud kah? Hehehe..) diri dia sendiri jak. Walaupun sy mau jawab dengan cara hampir memaki tapi sy tetap try jawab dengan berhemah soalan2 dia tu. Cool.. Cool.. Nda berbaloi sy rasa kedut2 usia singgah awal di muka sy gara2 layan sangat karenah abang banker yang perasan diri dia detektif. Hehe..

Jadi itu jak lah cerita sy untuk kali ni. Until the next time. Cheers!

Perangai Buruk Si Phy...

Sy ada satu (Satu jak? Tipuuuu.. Satu antara yang banyak la..) perangai buruk. Perangai ni sy rasa dari dulu ada tapi sekarang makin menjadi2 which is perangai malas mau makan. You may say "Biar betul, makan pun malas kah? Dasar pemalas!" Tapi serius! Sy betul2 rasa malas, bosan dan fed-up mau makan.

Bila kena tanya apa mau makan, sy rasa macam mau mengamuk. Tidak kira la d rumah kah, restoran kah, food court kah. Teruk kan? Setiap kali sy rasa begitu, sy rasa bersalah betul oh. Teringat wajah kanank2 yang kurang bernasib baik, yang makan pun ala kadar, makan untuk hidup.

"Abis tu kalo kesian, napa lg minta puji mau rasa bosan bila mau makan?" kamu tanya. Entah lah. To be honest, I wish I knew the answer and the cure to this nonsensical affliction. Terasa betul diri ini termasuk golongan orang yang tidak pandai bersyukur. Oh tidak.. Haishhh!!! Susah hati sy bila pikir ni.

Kalo kamurang ada apa2 idea macam mana mau cure perangai buruk kawan kamu yang malang ini (meaning yours truly) sila bagi cadangan kio. Tidak kira la apa pun. Doa kah, kismis doa kah, amalan di pagi hari kah, benda yang bikin sedap makanan hingga menjilat jari kah.. Jangan malu2 tau..

Ni jak la untuk kali ni. Till the next time. Cheers!

P/S: First time sy berblog majorly in Malay kan?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Venturing Into New Genres

Hi there..
I had always been an avid reader since I was young. I mean, you can leave me anywhere as long as I have a good book. If I could live in Kinokuniya Bookstore, I would. My dream house would have a huge library in it. You get the picture.

I haven't been reading much lately because I used to read historical romances when I was growing up until my early twenties. Now, I feel that the cheesiness is unbearable. Although I also love other genres like mysteries, "chick lits" and a sprinkle of fantasy, I still felt a bit lost trying to figure out what new genre of books might appeal to me.

I was able to pick up a couple of books recently and they are definitely not the type that I would usually read. The first two books are from the House of Night series which is about teenage vampyres and the third book is Pillars of The Earth. Pillars of The Earth tells the story of the building of a magnificent cathedral during the turbulent times of twelfth-century England.

After Twilight came out a lot of TV shows and book series based on teenage vampyrism (is that even a word?). Now I'm sorry Twilight fans but I have never really liked Twilight, both the movie and the book. I feel that the movie is over-rated and the only reason why it was such a huge success was because Robert P looked good playing as Edward Cullen. The book was dark, hungry and depressing so much so that I didn't even bother to complete it. Because of all this, I never really took notice of any of the TV shows and books series of this genre.

I've seen the House of Night series (comprising of between 9 to 11 book I think) a few times when I went to bookstores but I never flipped through it. Then on one fine day I took the first book off the shelves and read a bit, only to find myself pleasantly surprised. Although it's not as fabulously awesome as Harry Potter (I'm a Harry Potter fan, can you tell? Hihihi...) but it's nowhere near as bad (in my opinion) as the Twilight series. It was interesting enough so I bought the first two books, Marked and Betrayed.

The Pillars of The Earth made it on Oprah's Book Club selection. Just as with the House of Night Series, I've seen it a few times in bookstores but never bothered to flip through it but not because I thought that it wouldn't be good but because I get intimidated when it comes to books that rely heavily on the history of England. Silly right?

In my defense England's history has never been a good one. Injustice, poverty, women being raped and treated like chattel, cruelty and incest among other things ran rampant during those times. It's not really something that I personally think would make an enjoyable and relaxing read.

However, Pillars of The Earth has been made into a mini TV series (Every Sunday at 10PM to 11.45PM) and I find it quite interesting. I've always been the type who would prefer to read the book before watching the motion picture that it's based on. So I gathered my courage and bought it.

I've read the first 100 pages of it and I regret that I remembered the one reason why I have always preferred to read books over watching motion pictures much too late. The reason is that books relate the exact feelings and thoughts of the characters. I could really feel the pain, frustration, fear and raw need of survival. I don't see this novel as the type that I would breeze through as usual. I find myself taking breaks and feeling conflicted of whether to go on reading or not.

I have pictures of  the books I mentioned above but due to my "excellent" connection to the Internet I am unable to upload them. Sorry peeps. Anyway that's all for now. Have a great start to the month of December 2011! Cheers and wassalam.