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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cinnamon Milk Tea

Hi there,
I've always been obsessed with drinking milk tea whether it is bought from the shops or making it myself. Recently however I have been over the moon with a slight twist that I've made to my homemade milk tea. Yup, as the title states, I have been adding cinnamon to my milk tea. Since I like it so much I am going to share with you how to make it in the comfort of your own home!

Note: If you are allergic to ANY of the ingredients used please do not consume this beverage. 

1 sachet of Lipton's Gold Milk Tea
Sugar to taste (I use 1 sachet of Slim Up)
A small pinch of cinnamon
1 spoon of powdered milk
200ml hot water
A mug and a spoon (obviously)

1. Mix the milk tea, sugar, powdered milk and cinnamon well together in the mug.

Remember, a small pinch of cinnamon goes a long way..

Mix well together..

2. Pour hot water, stir and enjoy!


Give it a try and tell me what you think. ^^

This is all for now. Cheers and wassalam.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe

I like milk tea too

last week, i just bought the lipton milk tea gold from this website:


the taste is good. now i drink a cup of milk tea every morning.

what favor do you like the most?


Phoebe said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for stopping by. Drinking milk tea is one of life's simplest joys I think. Hehe.. I like the original. How about you? ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe,

You are welcome.
I agreed with you. It absolutely is one of life's simplest joys.
I like the "LIPTON Milk Tea Gold 3 in 1 Stick" most. It' is very delicious extremely in breakfast time. But "LIPTON Chocolate Milk Tea Stick" is also a good choice.:))