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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Voice Of Conscience

Calmness settled around me
"I will be fine," I said
"Everything will be alright"
A smile settles on my lips.

Then Conscience awakens
"My poor, poor child.."
"Your head is in the clouds.."
"You have yet to comprehend just what you have done"
"Wake up! Wake up! Before you fall from even greater heights"

I stood and screamed defiantly
"Silence! You know not of what you speak!"
"What's done is done, I cannot un-ring the bell"

Conscience looked at me with sad eyes
"You will rue the day you went against their wishes"
"You will rue the day you took the hard way"
"You will rue the day you followed your heart"

"I will NOT! The decision is mine and mine alone!"
"Whatever the outcome, at least it is by my own hands"
Tears well up in my eyes and formed a path down my cheeks.
"This is my life..," I whispered brokenly.

Conscience whirls around and says sharply
"That is the talk of fools!"
"The talk of babes whose wings have yet to spread fully"
"Cease this nonsense my child"
"Why chose such a hard road full of thorns and sharp stones
when a road of silk and sweet scented flowers welcomes you?"

I gave her a watery smile and say
"I choose sharp stones over silken roads,
and thorns over scented flowers because I believe"
"I believe, and that's all that matters"

Conscience shakes her head impatiently,
turns and walks away.
She pauses then turns around and say
"May God Help you then,"
"Ah,"said I. "He already has,"