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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Untouched Is Not Always A Good Thing

Hello there..
My family home lies on a piece of land that sits on a hill. The air is fresh and crisp, the scenery is of blue skies, giant trees and other hills with quaint, miniature houses. Untouched. Serene. Sounds almost like a backdrop for the story Heidi or The Sound Of Music right?

The problem with it being untouched however, is that it

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things That Phy Wish Are Invented

Hello readers..
Here is a list of things that I wish are invented at this day and age. Enjoy.

Alarm Alert For Small Items
I don't know about you but I'm constantly misplacing/losing my things. It's either my hand phone, keys or wallet. Being the scatter brain that I can sometimes be, I would be wasting a lot of my time going around in circles to no avail.

When I am lucky I would find what I was looking for just as I was on the verge of tearing my hair out. Other times when I am not so lucky, I would still not be able to find it even when I've thrown a hissy fit and screamed myself into hysterical rage. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but you get my drift.

So I've always wished that there is some kind of alarm device that would alert me to where my things are at the press of a button. You know, like the car lock/unlock devise attached to your car keys. Or maybe something that makes my wallet and keys make a sound when I clap my hands once.

A Six-In-One Machine
When I get home from a long day at work or from an event that ends late at night, all I want to do is flop on to bed and be dead to the world until daylight comes. Removing my makeup and bathing is something that I loathe to do but have to do anyway.

That's why I wish someone would in vent a machine that has six functions:

  • Undress me
  • Remove my makeup
  • Clean me (including my face, hair and body)
  • Dry me (ditto)
  • Dress me for bed
  • Deliver me directly to my bed

I know, I know.. It's a long shot but a girl can dream eh?

A Dual Interchangeable Vehicle
Don't you get envious of motorcyclists when you're in your car and stuck in a bad jam? I do. It grates on my nerves to see them ride to the front, right before the traffic light, and be the first ones to go when it turns green. Then again when it rains I would always look at them with sympathy as they brave through the pelting raindrops (to which I can attest feels more like pebbles. It hurts!) as I cruise by in a car, safe and dry.

With that being said, I wish that there is a vehicle that can be a car and a motorcycle interchangeably when the occasion calls for it. A motorcycle during a jam or when I'm feeling daring, and a car when it rains or passing through wet patches and dusty, unsealed roads.

Another marvelous variation would be a car the can make itself slim enough to go between cars, not unlike the Knight Bus from the Harry Potter series. Hehehe... Now if I could only find an inventor who is also a wizard...

So there you have it, just some of the things that I constantly daydream existed. Who knows, at the rate that technology is developing, we might see some of these items by the year 2020 (ah yes, the magic number). What are the things that YOU wish are invented?

Have a nice Sunday everyone. Cheers and Wassalam.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Rant: Dumb And Dumber Government Clinic Style

Hello there,

Yesterday I went to the government clinic in my district and registered as it was my 1st time going there. Everything was fine until I was asked what my race was. Here's how it went:

Dumb And Dumber Scene 1
Nurse: Apa bangsa ko? (What is your race?)
Me: Indian Kadazan.
Nurse: Jadi mana satu laitu? Mesti satu jak. Ikut bapa lah. Apa bangsa bapa ko? (So which one is it? There can only be one. Let's just follow your father's. What is your father's race?)
Me: Bapa saya la Indian Kadazan. (My father is Indian Kadazan)
Nurse: Bapa dia lagi? (What about his father?)
Me: Datuk saya orang India. (My grandfather is Indian)
Nurse: Nah, India la bangsa ko. (That makes you Indian)
Me:*Thinks* %^*&##

Two things dear readers.  First of all, why must there only be one race? What about the Sino-Kadazans? Or Murut-Ibans? Or any combination that you can think of? Surely in the form there is the 'lain-lain'/'others' option for us exotic beings?

Secondly, while I understand that the nurse was trying to figure out what race I fit into, and that it is common to follow the father's or the father's father's race, can I really fit into the race of Indian? One look at me and even a 2 month old baby can see that I am far from being pure Indian. I am not being racist and wouldn't mind in the least of being called Indian if I was REALLY pure Indian. However since I am not of a single race it's not right to say that I am.

Dumb And Dumber Scene 2
Nurse: Jadi mana satu ko mau taruh ni, India kah Kadazan? (So which one do you want to put on the form, Indian or Kadazan?)
Me: *Thinks* $#@^%*&

She might as well have asked me to cut a vital vein/artery and drain out either the Indian or Kadazan blood coursing through it. Maybe I seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill but seriously, why on earth should I have to choose between the two? I am both. End of story. Dummy.

Dumb And Dumber Scene 3
Nurse: Apa bangsa ko dalam surat beranak? (What is the race stated in your birth certificate?)
Me: Tiada bangsa saya dalam surat beranak, bangsa mama sama bapa saya jak. (My race is not stated in my birth certificate, only the race of my mother and father)

She didn't believe me. She seems convinced that I didn't know what a birth certificate was and kept doing hand gestures of a small piece of paper. She also insisted that my race is stated on it. I know what a birth certificate is and how it looks like thank you very much.

To be honest with you dear readers I have pored over my birth certificate desperately numerous times to have a clear statement on what my race is because this is not the 1st time the question of what race I am has been raised.

The nurse in Hospital Tuaran has also given me a dirty look when I told her I was Indian Kadazan. There was also the time when I was registering into UiTM KK where this one lecturer said in a loud, pompous voice that he suspects that I might not be eligible to enroll into UiTM because of my father's race. In my father's face. He also demanded a copy of my father's surat Mahkamah Anak Negeri stating that my father is a Bumiputera. I still get pissed every time I remember that incident.

Dumb And Dumber Scene 4
Me: Dalam surat beranak saya bangsa bapa saya Indo-Kadazan. (In my birth certificate my father's race is Indo-Kadazan)
Nurse: Hah, Indo-Kadazan? Macam Indonesia pula. (Hah, Indo-Kadazan? Sounds like Indonesian)
My Mum: Dulu Indo tu istilah yang kena guna kalau peranakan India. Lagipun Indon baru Indonesia kan. (Last time Indo is the term used to represent Indian for those who were interracial. Anyway Indonesian is stated as Indon right)
Nurse: Eh, ada juga Indonesia yang guna Indo tau.. Jaga... *In a mean, superior tone of voice* (Hey, there are Indonesian who use the term Indo too you know. Be careful)

In the end she wrote Indo-Kadazan. After raising so many questions.. After upsetting my mum.. If she were to write it down as it is anyway why on earth did she have to be so argumentative in the 1st place? Pelik kan? Alien kali tu nurse tu..

Well, I guess that's all for now peeps. Cheers and wassalam.

P/S: Click here for proof that the word Indo is used to represent India when linked with another place or race.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phy Is So Excited She's Jumping Off The Roof (Well, Almost)

Hellooooooo.... Hellooooo... Helloooo....

Forgive me for my most jakun greeting ever. I've been away for soooooo loooonnnggg... All this while while I was at home at my parent's house being a parasite (sorry mum, dad) I've never been able to find a spot in the house where my HTC phone's wireless feature could function and now I've found iiiiitttt!!! Believe me when I say that I feel like I've found the Fountain Of Youth. Seriously!

For all that that excitement you'd think that I have exciting news but nothing really special has occurred really aside from the above. There are a few updates though, such as:

I've called JPA and they said that they have forwarded my resignation back to IPDT for further processing (turns out all the trouble went to get my resignation to JPA was just for their notification.. Cheh!). Good news is that on JPA's side there are no hiccups. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and no more idiots will be creating problems for me..

Second I have caught the Manga reading fever. Obviously I'm not the type to read about Naruto but I've read the romantic ones (duh!). So far I've read Monster Love and am currently reading Black Bird 36.So far so good. Now with the Internet line from my beloved HTC phone I would be able to continue my progress with Black Bird 36. Take my word for it, all of the stories that I've read so far are cheesy, corny and may insult your intelligence but hey, it's fun and oh so addictive.. Hehe..

That's all for now dear readers.. Have a nice weekend. Cheers! Wassalam..