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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sophie Updates

Hello there...

I was going through a storage drawer when I saw this ultrasound print-out of Sophie. These were taken about a week before her delivery and it is really making me wistful of how things were.

Now Sophie will be turning 18 months in less than a fortnight. Oh, how time flies. Everytime I look at Sophie I would be amazed at how much she has grown. She has gone from a wee little burrito (being a swaddled infant) to Speedy Gonzalez's apprentice. Since I am feeling nostalgic about Sophie, I have decided to share some updates on what she has been up to as well as the new skills that she has acquired:

1. She can run now. Not the awkward baby run. Oh no. It's the I'm-running-so-fast-only-falling-can-stop-me kind of run. Let me add that she makes me lose 1 day of my life whenever she falls.

2. She discovered the skill of spinning around and has been doing a lot of that lately. When she stops she would be walking in a zig zag from dizziness. It's both cute and alarming at the same time.

3. We could tie up the front part of her hair without any trouble now. She doesn't try to pull the elastic from her hair either. I guess she has grown used to it.

4. She is singing a lot. My mum (and several other 'veteran' mums) said that she is exercising her vocal chords and that she will learn to talk soon. They told me to brace myself because with talking comes a gazillion and one questions. Yikes!

5. She loves to play with and wear adult slippers. It started with my mum's house flip flops and eventually she moved on to my house slippers. To prevent Sophie from 'kidnapping' our slippers we bought a pair of pink sandals in her size but she ignores them. Huhu... Oh well, at least we tried.

6. We gave her some avocado mashed with condensed milk and she LOVED it.

7. We finally brought her out for a walk on the road in front of our house. I had wanted to bring her for the longest time. Unfortunately I couldn't jog and keep an eye on her at the same time so that was put on the back burner until my mum agreed to come along and assist me.

8. Sophie is usually not amicable with people she doesn't know well. Imagine our surprise when she warmed up to my aunt Celia and uncle Jimmy within an hour of meeting them. It is worth mentioning that she was petrified of uncle Jimmy during their previous visit last year. This time she even held his finger while drinking her milk.

9. Sophie's 7th and 8th teeth finally broke the surface of her gums after months of swelling. That's not all however. We were surprised to discover that her 9th tooth is already half-way out and that the 10th is crowning. We never even noticed!

10. Sophie can put her legs into her pants and her arms into the armholes of her blouses unasissted now.

11. She can understand a lot of basic words such as kiss, hug, salam, sit, stand, turn, wait, be still and lie down among others.

Do you have a child(ren)/nieces/nephews? Do you ever get amazed at how fast they grow?