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Sunday, April 10, 2016

How My LaSoul by SNE Business Gave Me Hope and Changed My Life Forever

Hello hello!

At last, I am back from a super long hiatus. Kesian my dear blog. Dulu selalu update, sekarang syukur la kalau ada kena jenguk sekali sebulan. Laaamaaa sudah bohgia sy mau update tapi nda jak terbuat ni. Especially semenjak dua menjak ada business ni kan..

What I'd like to share with you today is my story about Hope and how it has influenced my life. Who knows, it might reach someone out there who is really in need of it.

I am happy to say that my life has changed a lot since you last saw me. In January I got to know of a wonderful business opportunity which is LaSoul Skincare by SNE. I joined it and since then I have been pushed out of my comfort zone again and again. I became surrounded by so many positive and supportive people and it was just so mind boggling to me because I have already gotten so used to being around Negative Nancys. In fact, I had become one of them.

In order to tell this story, I need to share with you how my financial situation was prior to my business. My financial status has been a source of stress to me. After deducting my monthly commitments I am only left with between RM150-RM200 a month. I have to stretch this amount for 30 days. It is what I use to buy food, groceries, fuel for my car, etc. So you can imagine, by the end of the month that amount would be totally depleted. RM10 pun tiada bah kadang2 dalam wallet by the final few days before gaji.

I was in a constant state of worry. Worry that an emergency would occur that needed money in terms of health or the car. To top it off I disliked my job. No, I REALLY disliked my job. BUT at the end of the day it is what pays the bills (Isn't that galling? To REALLY dislike something that feeds and clothes you? Gak!).

Oh and there's frustration. I felt frustrated because I see my peers gallivanting here and there seemingly without worries and traveling overseas (not just other Asian countries mind you but Europe okay). I want to travel too. I want to have savings and insurance for me and Sophia. I want financial freedom. But with my financial situation, what can I achieve?

So can you imagine the kind of life I had being shrouded in state of constant worry, dislike and frustration? I'd look in the mirror and not see myself. I didn't care how I looked like. Pakai baju cukup2 syarat jak, kenapa la nda ngam. Mo matching kasut sama handbag, forget it la. Malar pakai platform flip flops for all occasions dari la pigi kerja, jalan2 dan pigi birthday dinner.

And then in January 2016 a friend introduced me to LaSoul Skincare by SNE. I decided to come on board and started my business in February. Alhamdulillah, the first cheque I got was RM357.77. I don't think I will ever forget that amount because that was RM357.77 more than what I usually have. I got so emotional that I cried.

February Bonus Statement.

You see, the cheque meant more to me than just money. It was my beacon of hope. Hope that with this first step, having savings, financial freedom and travelling is achievable and not just a daydream. It proved to me that change in my life was possible.

That hope helped ease some of my worries away and I started to see myself (as in REALLY see myself) when I looked in the mirror. Ya Allah, rambuutt! Punya bida. I decided to get a haircut which turned out really well and gave me a boost of confidence. From there, I started to put on makeup to work and bila jalan2. I became conscious of how I dress and began to wear heels as well as accessories.

Before my haircut.

After the haircut.

My confidence grew and it showed. Bukan saja teda sudah orang panggil sy "auntie" but siap ada a few guys lagi yang silik2 kunun bah. Hahaha.. Day by day, I feel more like my old self. I feel like I am starting to find Phyllicia again, only this time she is older and in shaa Allah, wiser.

Wearing heels out and about. Totally unheard of for me!

Pakai makeup hari2 sudah... :D

All these changes happened stemming from one powerful thing; Hope. It started in one aspect of my life (financial) and seeped through every other aspects as well. I am happier, more confident and more willing to try new things. I have become an even better mother, daughter and leader because of this in shaa Allah, Amin.

I really, really am grateful to Allah SWT for bringing LaSoul Skincare business into my life. Not just for the extra income or the rekindled friendships and new experiences, but also the positive, strong and motivating people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Semangat kamu memang paling manang!

It has helped me so much and I'd love to help others too. So if you are interested to know more about LaSoul Skincare by SNE and if you would like to start making positive changes in your life, you can:

1. PM me on my Facebook Page
2. Email me at phylliciarobert@gmail.com or

Take care and I will see you in my next post.


P/S: You can can also contact me as per above if you just need someone to talk to ya.