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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreadlocks, Tattoos and Body Piercing-Looks Can Be Deceiving

Hello peeps...
Experience has taught me not to judge people by how they look. I've met girls who were wild and loud at a glance yet have proven to be invaluable friends where it counts. I've also met people who look 'harmless' and 'innocent' yet eventually reveal characters that would make me rather embrace a Great White Shark then be anywhere near said person.

However, I think all of us are guilty of judging people by their physical appearance, even if we don't mean to, especially at a first glance. I never really gave much thought to this before until I met a former schoolmate of mine recently.

He had multiple facial piercings, tattoos all along his arms and he sported the dreaded Dreadlocks (no pun intended). I guess it shouldn't have been too surprised as I knew that he had inclinations towards body piercing even during our school years but it didn't prevent me from recoiling in shock when I first set eyes on him.

Imagine this minus the hot bod and face..

Well, I must say the first thing that ran through my mind was "I wonder what he's doing now? Is he working?" "How must his mother feel with him portraying such image?" and so on. I didn't dwell too long on it though and he was soon out of my mind. Until I saw him again yesterday.

I was going to the Tamu in my hometown with my parents when I saw him arriving with his mother. I bumped into them while circulating the Tamu and you know what? There he was with his mom following her wherever she went and carrying her purchases. Not once did I see him show impatience or any indication that he didn't want to be there.

Which made me stop and look around. There were NO other young men there who were tottering after their mothers like he was. NO ONE was being the gentleman that he was being. In fact, some of the husbands that came with their wives and children were walking with their hands free while leaving their wives to carry their child, handbags and purchases. Talk about being rude and inconsiderate!

Maybe Allah wanted to show me something that day and think because I found myself thinking really deeply. Is it wrong to include people like this in my social circle? Would I be ashamed if a relative of mine has that kind of image? Is it enough to be good on the inside but not conform to the social norms on the outside? If I met the man of my dreams but he has such image would I be able to accept him for who he is?

I find these questions hard to answer actually. What do you think? If you found the man/woman of your dreams but they don't have a clean-cut image, would you be able to accept them? If your son or daughter brought their girlfriend or boyfriend that sports dreadlocks and piercings would you give him/her a chance or chase him/her with a broom? I'm really curious to know what you think you would do.

"Mum, dad.. Meet my girlfriend" 

This is all for now peeps. Cheers and wassalam.



Amanda Christine Wong said...

Hm, gorgeous billionaire with a heart of gold (man of my dreams ko bilang kan) with full arm tattoos n piercings...that will make him even hotter :D. so yes!

Phoebe said...

Yup, the total man of your dreams.. :) Hm, what if dreadlocks and tattoos that rivals Rico's are added into the mix? Still green light? Not judging here, just curious. ^^