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Thursday, January 29, 2009

PHAT (Pretty Hot And Thick) Fashion..

Dear Readers..

A few weeks ago I was checking my email. I had subscribed for an update from Oprah Winfrey’s website so I went into the website and after browsing for a while, I came across one of her shows that showcased a designer, Charles. He designs clothes for women sized 12 and above. I was rejoicing that a designer had actually taken the trouble to design clothes for girls like me. I mean, hey, we wanna look fabulous too ya’ know. Just because we are ‘cuter’ than the other thin girls it doesn’t mean that we are contented with the clothes that are available for us in the market. If you can call them clothes that is.. The word ‘tents’ and ‘sacks’ come to mind.

Then, just this afternoon I went to the library and came across the October or November Issue (I can’t remember which) of O Magazine (Oprah’s magazine). It contains a spread about that show featuring Charles with pictures of the models and the combination of clothes that they wore on the show. It was nice, some are even gorgeous. With the pictures came the description of the clothes and its prices. As I was scanning the descriptions my eyes widen as I cannot believe what I’m seeing. The crepe dress that was quite basic in shape and style cost around $1,200++, a skirt costs about $700++ and some of the pieces even had a $1,700++ price tag.

I shook my head and closed my eyes before looking at the page again, thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me. It turns out that they were dead serious. I could barely control myself from emitting a gasp of outrage. I mean can you believe the audacity of that designer? Oh, I’m so angry. I have to admit that when you’re like my size (I’m around a size 14), its hard to find clothes that fits and flatters your shape and size so when you actually find one that fits, you buy it straight away even if it’s more than a RM100 a piece.

This Charles person says that fashion should be fun and that designers need to respect the people that they are designing for. Now, let me ask you, how fun is it to fork out $1,200++ for a dress? How respectful is he really towards the plus sized women that he is designing for when he is slapping a $700++ price tag on a skirt? What a whole lot of hogwash. He came across as really caring and thoughtful by creating this clothing line of his, as if he understands what a plus-sized gal has to go through when trying to shop for clothes that fit. But what good is his line of clothing for plus-sized women if it’s in a price range that only Ivanka Trump can afford to buy?

Okay, so I didn’t read the whole article so I don’t know the reason for the price range. Maybe 90% of the profits are going to be used to help find a cure for cancer or something. Uh.. NOT! As I’ve mentioned before when you’re a size 14 and above, you’ll just buy the clothes that fit you, not caring how expensive it is. This man probably knows that and he’s using that to his advantage. Some of you may say that I’m being dramatic and grasping at straws but really, you can’t deny that it’s an abomination to put a price range that high for any line of clothing at all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

You Gotta Be Kidding Me Right?

That was what I was thinking as the last week went by. As you may know dear readers, I have been seeking employment for some time now. I have started applying since I’ve completed my studies in November and have sent at least a dozen resumes and applications to different organizations ranging from hotels to banks and insurance companies. I may have also mentioned to you that I had attended an interview and was waiting to be called for a third interview.

I had waited and waited but I didn’t get a call. Two weeks passed and still nothing. In the end I called the HR Department and asked if any arrangement had been made. Still nothing.. A member of my family came home one day all excited that a family friend has a post available at their law firm. She urged me to apply but I declined at first because I had not received a definite answer from the place that I had attended an interview at.

But after calling again the answer was still the same. My instincts told me to wait but I was quite frustrated and had doubts about getting the job. Thus, I went ahead with the suggestion made by a few members of my family to apply for the law firm. I got accepted at the law firm on the same day (on Tuesday) that I went for the interview. I was asked to come the next day to get the feel of the work (Wednesday). That’s when things got interesting.

On the same day that I got interviewed and accepted at the law firm, a resort that I had applied for the previous week called me for an interview. I declined as I said that I was currently employed. The next day (Wednesday) which was supposed to be my ‘first day’ I got a call again from the same resort for an interview for another post (I applied for two posts). I declined once again for the same reasons. Then, on Thursday I got a call from the place that I really, really wanted to work at. The place that had kept me waiting.. I was to come for an interview on Saturday..

But dear readers, I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work. The place couldn’t reach me and so they called my home number. A member of my family answered and told them that I was currently employed.. When I came back that evening and got to know about it I was very, very upset. But if life had thought me anything, it was not to give up until I’ve exhausted every one of my resources before giving up.

When I checked my messages that evening there was a message asking me to get back to the Director of HR via the number stated in the message. Instead of using the number that I usually use to call the place, where you need to get through an operator first, I called that number. I had expected to get through to the operator and I was ready to beg the operator to let my call get through to the HRD (It was past 5PM you see and normally the operator would just assume that the office is already closed despite the fact that there may be a chance that somebody might be working late).

A male voice answered and it turned out that the number was a direct one to the Director of HR. I was so surprised that I floundered a bit like a fish out of water before introducing myself end explaining the situation. He asked me if I was able to attend an interview with the GM on Saturday. I said yes immediately. Well, it was more like I shouted ‘YES, YES I CAN!’. I was that excited. ‘Fraid I sounded a bit demented but at that point I didn’t care. Haha.. But I also added that I there are any changes that I would let him know. He told me to call him on Friday to confirm with him.

The next morning I was just about to call him to confirm that I would be able to attend the interview when an incoming call with an office number flashed into my mobile phone screen. I answered and it was him! I told him that I was just about to call him and he asked me why. I said, ” To confirm with you that I will be attending the interview this Saturday”. He said, “Ah.. So you were calling to tell me good news. Well, I have good news for you as well. You have been accepted for the job that you had applied for”.
In that moment I just ‘went mental’ as the Brits would say. I was so shocked and excited. I was asking 1001 questions in the span of a minute. Needles to say, he had to calm me down as he had to give me instructions on what to do that Saturday. I was only half listening because my head was reeling. I managed to take in the important facts though. I was going to start in February! Hooray!

So dear readers, from February onwards I am going to be a known as a working woman. I hope to work hard and work smart as well as to be the best that I can. One of my friends said to me that my life is going to be an adventure from now on and I agree. Like adventures, this journey of mine will not only be all about the exciting stuff but also the hardships and difficulties of first going out to find your way in the world. I hope dear readers that you will pray for my safety and success in this and my future endeavours.

Decisions.. Decisions..

Dear Readers..
I can safely say that I had never had been in a dilemma when it comes to the important stuff in life such as Where should I study, which course, etc. However as I come closer to completing my studies in Diloma level, I began to ask myself questions such as should I further my studies to degree level? Or should I start working?

After that question has been answered (I chose to work), I had to ask myself where do I want to work? In which industry? In which organisation? In what post? So many questions to answer up to the point that I began to feel dizzy. It’s decisions, decisions, decisions… When you actually have made your decision, others may not agree with you. It may be people that you don’t really know that well but offered their opinion anyway or it may be your family members and close friends.

I may be young and haven’t experienced much in life but I am not without any experience at all. I know that not everyone will agree with one’s decisions even one’s nearest and dearest. On the other hand I do believe that while they have the right to express their opinion on the matter, I too have the right to make my decisions because in the end, it’s my life to live. I’m not saying that I know everything and nobody can tell me what to do. I do take other’s opinions into consideration but in the end, I decide which route that I would like to take.

The road that I take may result in a bumpy ride for me but at least I know that it is my decision and I don’t have to blame others or spend my life thinking what might have happened if only I had took the plunge. Taking risks are a part of life and those who do not do so tend to be dissatisfied with their life. I don’t want to be one of those people..

I’m taking the biggest risk that I have ever attempted in my whole entire life.. I have a good feeling about this. I don’t think that it will be easy but I think that when the going gets tough, I’ll still be okay.. I hope to be more matured and grown up aside from having loads of experience in and knowledge about the industry that I have chosen.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello 2009

Olla Dear Readers..
I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2009. Its seems so surreal to me that I am now facing a new year. In a way I'm excited because there's just so much that can happen in my life at this point as I am no longer a student. I do not have something familiar to look forward to like going to classes, completing assignments, etc. I'm also petrified at the same time for that same reason. I am currently seeking employment. The global recession that we are facing are not helping but I'm trying my very best to be optimistic and keeping an open mind.

I'm learning some things along the way, such as being a bit picky is not necessarily a bad thing. We need to take our academic qualifications and soft skills into account aside from the location and distance of the workplace fromwhere you live. To tell you the truth, I don't really mind that much working with RM800 or so a month. However, if that job requires me to rent out alone and need a car, it's simply not feasible right?

Actually dear readers, I have recently attended an interview and am currently waiting to be called for a third round of interview. I haven't received a call yet and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really, really want this job.. I can't even begin to tell you how much I do.. I'm keeping my fingers, toes and legs crossed. I would have kept my eyes crossed to but that would not be a good look now would it? Haha.. At least with my legs crossed I would apeear demure and lady like.. ;)

Oh well, I'm way past my luch time and my ideas do not flow very well when my tummy's growling like an angry Rotweiller. Hehehe.. Well, this is all for now.. Cheers!