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Monday, January 19, 2009

You Gotta Be Kidding Me Right?

That was what I was thinking as the last week went by. As you may know dear readers, I have been seeking employment for some time now. I have started applying since I’ve completed my studies in November and have sent at least a dozen resumes and applications to different organizations ranging from hotels to banks and insurance companies. I may have also mentioned to you that I had attended an interview and was waiting to be called for a third interview.

I had waited and waited but I didn’t get a call. Two weeks passed and still nothing. In the end I called the HR Department and asked if any arrangement had been made. Still nothing.. A member of my family came home one day all excited that a family friend has a post available at their law firm. She urged me to apply but I declined at first because I had not received a definite answer from the place that I had attended an interview at.

But after calling again the answer was still the same. My instincts told me to wait but I was quite frustrated and had doubts about getting the job. Thus, I went ahead with the suggestion made by a few members of my family to apply for the law firm. I got accepted at the law firm on the same day (on Tuesday) that I went for the interview. I was asked to come the next day to get the feel of the work (Wednesday). That’s when things got interesting.

On the same day that I got interviewed and accepted at the law firm, a resort that I had applied for the previous week called me for an interview. I declined as I said that I was currently employed. The next day (Wednesday) which was supposed to be my ‘first day’ I got a call again from the same resort for an interview for another post (I applied for two posts). I declined once again for the same reasons. Then, on Thursday I got a call from the place that I really, really wanted to work at. The place that had kept me waiting.. I was to come for an interview on Saturday..

But dear readers, I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work. The place couldn’t reach me and so they called my home number. A member of my family answered and told them that I was currently employed.. When I came back that evening and got to know about it I was very, very upset. But if life had thought me anything, it was not to give up until I’ve exhausted every one of my resources before giving up.

When I checked my messages that evening there was a message asking me to get back to the Director of HR via the number stated in the message. Instead of using the number that I usually use to call the place, where you need to get through an operator first, I called that number. I had expected to get through to the operator and I was ready to beg the operator to let my call get through to the HRD (It was past 5PM you see and normally the operator would just assume that the office is already closed despite the fact that there may be a chance that somebody might be working late).

A male voice answered and it turned out that the number was a direct one to the Director of HR. I was so surprised that I floundered a bit like a fish out of water before introducing myself end explaining the situation. He asked me if I was able to attend an interview with the GM on Saturday. I said yes immediately. Well, it was more like I shouted ‘YES, YES I CAN!’. I was that excited. ‘Fraid I sounded a bit demented but at that point I didn’t care. Haha.. But I also added that I there are any changes that I would let him know. He told me to call him on Friday to confirm with him.

The next morning I was just about to call him to confirm that I would be able to attend the interview when an incoming call with an office number flashed into my mobile phone screen. I answered and it was him! I told him that I was just about to call him and he asked me why. I said, ” To confirm with you that I will be attending the interview this Saturday”. He said, “Ah.. So you were calling to tell me good news. Well, I have good news for you as well. You have been accepted for the job that you had applied for”.
In that moment I just ‘went mental’ as the Brits would say. I was so shocked and excited. I was asking 1001 questions in the span of a minute. Needles to say, he had to calm me down as he had to give me instructions on what to do that Saturday. I was only half listening because my head was reeling. I managed to take in the important facts though. I was going to start in February! Hooray!

So dear readers, from February onwards I am going to be a known as a working woman. I hope to work hard and work smart as well as to be the best that I can. One of my friends said to me that my life is going to be an adventure from now on and I agree. Like adventures, this journey of mine will not only be all about the exciting stuff but also the hardships and difficulties of first going out to find your way in the world. I hope dear readers that you will pray for my safety and success in this and my future endeavours.


Asrih Arif said...

congratulations... u deserve it... I think, i'd back off if i were to compete with u in any job interview coz ur english is way too good!... (honest compliment)... I'd be surprise if u didn't get it!

Waaaa... working woman in the house! hahahah kerja bagus2... start from the bottom and work your way up! yeeha! excitingnya... tell us more about ur working environment...