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Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Experience: Making Nasi Lemak

Aloha dearies!
2 days ago I was hit by a sudden need to have Nasi Lemak for lunch. It got me thinking how nice it would be to know how to make it myself. As long as I have the ingredients, I could make it at any time (oh-so-dangerous for my waistline!). And so I scoured the Internet on how to make Nasi Lemak with the help of my trusty sidekick, Mr. Google. At last, I found 2 versions that I felt was easy enough to follow.

The result?

Tadaaa!!!! I cooked everything myself except for the fried peanuts. My dad did that while I was a work.

I am so happy it worked out well! The rice was fragrant and tasty even though I just used instant coconut milk. The sambal wasn't bad either but I had to add some sugar to give some dimension to it's taste. My dad even gave his stamp of approval! I am feeling very grown up and proud of myself at the moment. Lol!

There's just something so satisfying about eating something you created yourself, especially if you thought that it was way too difficult all this while.

The best part of knowing how to do this is that I could customize it according to my liking. Mau lebih sambal kah, lebih bilis kah, I'm in control. Best kan? Since I find that sambal needs some work I won't be posting the recipe today. Will post it up once I've found my 'magic blend' so to speak.

That's all for now dearies... What's your favorite food? Have you learnt how to make it?


Friday, August 22, 2014

Dainty Pearls: 'Rat-bitten' Hair Cut, Me Time & A Car Accident


Another Dainty Pearls post is here! Whew, the past 2 weeks had been a real whirlwind for me guys. I'll be honest, it's not so much of the physical business that was tiring me, but more of the emotional side of things. You'll know what I mean in a bit. Without further ado let's get on to the the topics of discussion today shall we?

1. An upstanding member of our community passed away over a week ago. You can read my tribute to him here. His death made me think about where my life is headed and question myself if I am doing enough to fulfill my purpose in life.

2. I was so out of sorts last week that I lost concentration while driving and rammed  the side of the family car against a steel gate. A hardy as Bessie The Old Car was, the accident left an ugly indentation on one of the doors as well as the paint being scratched and peeled in certain places. Teruk oh. I feel so bad about it.

3. Sophie's hair was growing out and 'crowding her face'. We tried tying her hair but she didn't like that very much so my mum decided to cut her hair. It is normal for her to put up some resistance but usually she could be distracted long enough for my mum to complete the task. This time however she could not be 'tricked'.

After my mum cut the first chunk of hair at the back, nothing could distract her enough for my mum to balance out the cut. She has now ended up with a bob that looks Victoria Beckham-esque from the front and 'rat-bitten' from the back. Sigh... Tell me, do you have much trouble getting your child's hair trimmed?

4. I have been craving some 'Me' time lately. It just frustrates me that I have so little time to do what I love. I miss KK; the food, the sights, sounds, smell and the excitement in general. There is always some cool event and activities being held every week. I need a break from the daily grind and just get in tune with myself.

Thank goodness recently I have rediscovered the 'creative' side of me. Makes me remember my high school days when we had to make folios as assignment for various subjects. It has really been helping me to release some of the stress, Alhamdulillah.

 Bought some 'artsy' stuff recently.. And an unfinished doodle..

One of my creations - ribbon decor for pressies..

5. I had the opportunity to re-arrange my makeup last Sunday and I am so happy. It is not perfect by any means but at least everything is positioned to be in easy reach especially my face products. This is important for me because I usually start my makeup with face base and work my way to the eyes, cheeks and lips. If I can't get to my face makeup products easily then I tend to just skip putting on makeup altogether.

Foundations, BB and CC creams..

Face primers, powders and concealers in the 2nd tier.

My biggest nightmare to organize would have to be my lip products. It's mind boggling to see so many lippies and glosses all at once. In the end I decided to just separate them by high-end and low-end then group the 2 lower-end brands I have the most products of together (which is Revlon and Maybelline by the way) while the rest go to a separate pile. I used 3 biscuit plastic trays with a separator for this. Lastly but not least, for each tray I put lippies in 1 section and glosses on the other. Again, it needs some work but I'm quite happy at the moment because it is sooo much better than before.

6. I have been obsessed with eating chopped birds-eye chillis + lime juice with my lunch and dinner lately. It goes really, really well with fish and isn't bad at all with chicken. It's just heaven really. Hehe.. Under different circumstances, with such cravings I'd have thought that I was preggers. Hehehe..

The most perfect combo in this world when it comes to bird's-eye chili and lime

Maggi Goreng Ayam is a 2nd fave of mine with chili and lime. Heaven!

So that's what has been going on in my life. How about you, did anything significant happened lately? Do share in the comments section below. Toodles!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Finally, A Facebook 'Like' Box On My Blog!

Hello all!

I had been wanting to put a Facebook 'Like' box on my sidebar for literally years. I have tried several times but always get confused on the process and would give up. Tonight  I decided to give it another whirl and searched for a how to vid on this topic. The first one was too complicated, just like the rest I've ever watched.

As I love my blog too much to take the risk of coding gone extremely wrong, I decided to watch another video and have found the solution that I have been waiting for! It's so, so simple peeps. Whether you're a newbie or been blogging for some time, I think this video will come in very handy for you if you want to put up a Facebook 'Like' box on your blog on Blogger platform.

I am so, so happy I found this video!

Have an awesome weekend peeps!