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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Finally, A Facebook 'Like' Box On My Blog!

Hello all!

I had been wanting to put a Facebook 'Like' box on my sidebar for literally years. I have tried several times but always get confused on the process and would give up. Tonight  I decided to give it another whirl and searched for a how to vid on this topic. The first one was too complicated, just like the rest I've ever watched.

As I love my blog too much to take the risk of coding gone extremely wrong, I decided to watch another video and have found the solution that I have been waiting for! It's so, so simple peeps. Whether you're a newbie or been blogging for some time, I think this video will come in very handy for you if you want to put up a Facebook 'Like' box on your blog on Blogger platform.

I am so, so happy I found this video!

Have an awesome weekend peeps!