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Thursday, July 31, 2014

How To: Maintain The Tip Of Your Pencil Lip Colors

Hello there!

When I go to the makeup counters and look at the testers for pencil lip colors, I always find the tip to be flat from usage. This might be fine for some but I personally like to keep the 'pointed' tip of my pencil lipsticks. I find that it helps me to apply the colors quickly and and precisely, saving me valuable time and effort. If you'd like to know how I apply my pencil lip colors while still maintaining their tips, keep on reading!

Step 1:
First I outline my lips using the tip of my lip color. 

Step 2 & 3: I tilt the pencil at an angle so that the 'side' of the tip rests on my lip. Starting from one corner, I drag the pencil along my bottom lip to the other corner

Step 4 & 5: While maintaining the same position of the pencil, I repeat the same steps as 3 & 4, only this time on my top lip. Maintaining the position of the pencil ensures that both 'sides' of the tip are used, hence balancing the shape of the tip.

Result: Easy and precise lip color application that maintains the tip of your pencil lippy. 

Note: Don't forget to check the shape of you pencil lipstick before using it so that you can see which 'side' to use. A lopsided tip indicates excessed use of one 'side'.

I hope you find this pictorial useful. Tell me what you think and feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you. Toodles!


P/S: By the way, I am wearing Revlon ColorBurst MatteBalm in Unapologetic in this pictorial. :)