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Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Experience: Making Nasi Lemak

Aloha dearies!
2 days ago I was hit by a sudden need to have Nasi Lemak for lunch. It got me thinking how nice it would be to know how to make it myself. As long as I have the ingredients, I could make it at any time (oh-so-dangerous for my waistline!). And so I scoured the Internet on how to make Nasi Lemak with the help of my trusty sidekick, Mr. Google. At last, I found 2 versions that I felt was easy enough to follow.

The result?

Tadaaa!!!! I cooked everything myself except for the fried peanuts. My dad did that while I was a work.

I am so happy it worked out well! The rice was fragrant and tasty even though I just used instant coconut milk. The sambal wasn't bad either but I had to add some sugar to give some dimension to it's taste. My dad even gave his stamp of approval! I am feeling very grown up and proud of myself at the moment. Lol!

There's just something so satisfying about eating something you created yourself, especially if you thought that it was way too difficult all this while.

The best part of knowing how to do this is that I could customize it according to my liking. Mau lebih sambal kah, lebih bilis kah, I'm in control. Best kan? Since I find that sambal needs some work I won't be posting the recipe today. Will post it up once I've found my 'magic blend' so to speak.

That's all for now dearies... What's your favorite food? Have you learnt how to make it?