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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phy Is So Excited She's Jumping Off The Roof (Well, Almost)

Hellooooooo.... Hellooooo... Helloooo....

Forgive me for my most jakun greeting ever. I've been away for soooooo loooonnnggg... All this while while I was at home at my parent's house being a parasite (sorry mum, dad) I've never been able to find a spot in the house where my HTC phone's wireless feature could function and now I've found iiiiitttt!!! Believe me when I say that I feel like I've found the Fountain Of Youth. Seriously!

For all that that excitement you'd think that I have exciting news but nothing really special has occurred really aside from the above. There are a few updates though, such as:

I've called JPA and they said that they have forwarded my resignation back to IPDT for further processing (turns out all the trouble went to get my resignation to JPA was just for their notification.. Cheh!). Good news is that on JPA's side there are no hiccups. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and no more idiots will be creating problems for me..

Second I have caught the Manga reading fever. Obviously I'm not the type to read about Naruto but I've read the romantic ones (duh!). So far I've read Monster Love and am currently reading Black Bird 36.So far so good. Now with the Internet line from my beloved HTC phone I would be able to continue my progress with Black Bird 36. Take my word for it, all of the stories that I've read so far are cheesy, corny and may insult your intelligence but hey, it's fun and oh so addictive.. Hehe..

That's all for now dear readers.. Have a nice weekend. Cheers! Wassalam..