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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello there..
I have been coughing on and off for the past 3-4 months but the past month my cough has been really bad. Foolishly, I waited it out thinking that it would disappear again but it only became worse. I decided to take Prospan, my Holy Grail cough syrup but even that didn't work. By this time I was making whooping sounds when I coughed and there was a slight heaviness to my chest.

My sister advised me to see a doctor and when I did it turns out I have Bronchitis. Yikes! Hence, I was given 5 types of medication ranging from cough syrup, antibiotics and pills to make breathing easier. Double yikes! Serious owh Bronchitis ni. I'm really worried because if I am not mistaken Bronchitis can develop into asthma (which is a hereditary health issue in my family). Nau'dzubillah..

The doctor also advised me to stay away from Milo and milk for a week. Turns out these two can cause more mucus. I am also avoiding nuts and anything spicy or fried. To top it all off my skin has been extra sensitive and acting up recently for some reason. Due to this I have to abstain from consuming seafood, eggs and black pepper. I do feel frustrated but looking at the bright side, perhaps this might help me to lose weight. *Chewah, mo kasi senang hati diri sendiri tu bah* Huahuahua..

Oh, a little Sophie Update. Sophie can walk unaided now! Yay! Another milestone under her belt. She can also squat and stand up then continue walking without falling over. I am so proud of her. Now all she wants to do is walk. Memang gitu la babies kan. Bila discover new skill, mesti ituuuuuu jak dorang mo buat. It was up to a point when it would be 11pm and Sophie would still refuse to sleep because she still wants to totter (and let me tell you, she has the cutest walk ever!) around. If I take hold of one of Sophie's hands, she would run. Ketawa2 lagi tu membawa orang lari. Sy pun dapat excercise yang padu la bila membubut dia... Lol.

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