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Friday, March 22, 2013

Footsteps In The Dark..

Hi all,
I was at my parents house for a week to spend time with my princess and as you know, taking care of an active toddler is no walk in the park. To top it off my parent's home isn't baby proofed so there are a lot of restricted areas and things that Sophia is not allowed to touch. That in it self keeps me utterly occupied during Sophia's waking hours.

With that being said, it is easy to conclude that the only free time I have is when Sophia is asleep especially at night. I would use that time to read and play computer games (what? I am a modern mother after all). That one night I was lost in the game of Cake Mania when I suddenly hear the sound of footsteps. It was loud enough for me to hear through my Beats Audio earphones (if you have Beats Audio earphones, you'd know how they render you almost deaf to background noise once you have them on).

I took off my earphones and listened intently for a moment. There was that sound again. It sounded like someone was walking on the verrandah outside. What's more, the sound is exactly like the way my dad walks around with his sports shoes. The thing is, my dad is sound asleep in the room. On top of that, our verrandah is grilled all around and locked so no outsiders could possibly enter. So who on earth was making that noise?

I was thinking of opening the door to peek out and see who it was but I decided against it. I thought of waking my dad so that he could check but again, decided not to. During that few seconds of me trying to make up my mind on what to do next, the footsteps continued to fall outside. In the end I just switched up my laptop and scuttled to bed because deep in my heart I knew who or rather, what it was making the noise outside.

You see dear readers my house is haunted. I am not sure how many ghosts we have in residence. What I know is that it's favorite past time seems to be imitating the way my dad walks whether it is in the house or, as that night proved, outside the house. I remember something that happened years ago when I was a teenager. I was in my room when I heard my dad's footsteps walking from his room along the living room pass my door to the kitchen.

I wouldn't have given it much thought except the fact that my parents were out and I was home alone so my dad couldn't possibly be walking around in the house. I locked myself in my room and tearfully called my parents to hurry home because there was an intruder in the house. Needless to say, my parents came rushing back home only to find the door unbroken and no intruder in sight. Ooppss.

There were also times when I was in the kitchen and I would see someone walking across the living room from the corner of my eye, yet when I look up nobody's there. The same thing had happened in different rooms in the house as well. It doesn't occur everyday, just once in a while. Initially I thought it was my imagination.. Until my sister told me that she experienced it too.

We have come to (grudgingly) accept our ghostly patron in our own individual way. Me and my sister live by the principle of "As long as it doesn't bother us physically (and personally, as long as it doesn't show itself to me) we will just leave it be". My parents choose not to believe in it (although just recently my mum admitted to have asked a healer to 'see' if there were ghost in the house and received the response "Yes, many ghosts but all good ones").

 If only all ghosts can be as cute as this.. Photo courtesy of Google.

Is your house haunted? Have you have any encounter with a ghost?

Until the next post. Cheers!


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