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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today I will be talking about manners. Last week I went to eat at a well-known, not to mention well-stablished fast food restaurant. The food that I ordered requires me to eat with a proper fork and spoon. However for some reason that I just couldn't fanthom, they gave me a plastic spoon (note the singular 'a' there). They didn't even see the necessity to provide me with a fork as well.
I didn't really notice this error until I was seated and ready to eat. I was monstrously hungry as I had just arrived from a long journey. The hunger that I felt was giving me a migraine. So ou can imagine in what kind of temperament I was in at that time (for those who can't imagine, let's just say I was like a bear with 10 thorns in it's paws and that's putting it mildly).
So I went to another counter (the counter where I placed my order had a long line of people) and politely (yes, I still remembered to be polite eventhough I had a Mando Migraine) requested for a 'proper' stainless-steel fork and spoon. That's when things went wrong. The young lady at the counter gave me the evil eye, sloooowly turned her head to look behind her and said "Tiada," abruptly. Now I'm very sensitive about manners and as a person with a 'limited edition' label on my patience, well.. I looked at her straight in the eye and said "What? (the name of the restaurant) doesn't have a fork and a spoon?" cue raised brow and distainful sniff. With that I gave her the 'evil eye' (the poor girl didn't know I'm a champ at giving those) and went back to my seat.
She got off real lightly on my part. What she'd got was just a little slap on the wrist. Maybe it's because I'm older now and not that given to picking fight anymore. If that had happened to me 2-3 years ago there would have een an uproar and a very satisfying catfight. Luckily for her I was much too hungry to waste my time on an impolite creature like her. If I hadn't been hungry enought to pass out I would have taken the time to demand to see the manager and make sure she gets it.
We see a lot of this things happening especially (sorry, no disloyalty meant) govenment servants who deal with the public. As a person who has worked in a private sector 9okay, it was only for two months) and dealt with a colourful myriad of people, I really cannot accept some of their behaviour. There's just simply no excuse. In my opinion, all govenment staff should be sent to a hotelir's courtesy course and should be constsntly monitored. Sure, not all are rude but 98% of them are.