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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Totally Forgot...

Hi dear readers,
You know what? I totaly forgot that I have this blogger account! You see last night we were having a major blackout at my campus from 8pm-12.30am. I was at my friend's room and we were chatting away when she suddenly said, " Phy, why don't you join blogspot.com or blogger.com? I haven't read your blogs for a long time." So here I am now, at the library printing out my exam slip when I thought to myself," Hey, why not? I'm on the Internet anyway." As I was registering, I discovered that I couldn't register using my email address. That was when I (finally) remembered that I already have an account.. Haha.. Silly me..

I haven't posted a blog for a long time, whether in here or in my friendster blog. Sometimes I'm just too busy and other times I forgot.. So now I'm creating a blog to let off some steam. Quite a bit has happened in my the past two weeks that I'm not happy with, especially my group work.. I have one presentation due tomorrow and another one next week.. Final semester does require a lot of work but it has been a lot of fun as well especially since we have a lot of chance to do field work. I've been to Kundasang last month and that was fun.. ;)

Well, I guess this is all from me.. Since I'll be completing my studies ( God willing) in November, perhaps I'll have a lot of time to post more blogs by then.. Wish me luck as the finals are just around the corner... Bye for now...