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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First Day..

Dear Readers,

Today is my first day towards achieving a healthier and fitter me. I woke up a bit late this morning, around 8.30am cause I slept at 2am this morning. I had coffee and 5 weetameal biscuits and I ate lunch at 1.15pm. A bit of rice, lots of veggies, half an medium sized fish (cooked pinasakan style), a bit of egg and (I overdosed a bit on this 1) 3 sausages. Should have taken only one or two but, oh well. I haven't eaten since which is quite amazing because I usually feel hungry within 3 hours of eating no matter what I eat.

There's only dinner left and I aim not to eat after 8pm. I'll be eating the same food as lunch but minus the egg and sausages. More veggies. My handphone has a built in paedometer and it shows that I have taken 1,640 steps so far. It's actually more than that but never mind. I'm feeling a bit virtous now. Hehe.. It's still early actually but I'm determined to make it work this time. No more lies and excuses.

By the way, I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Show this morning and they were introducing the 6 participants that had been selected for the weight loss challenge. What a coincidence huh? ;) Anyway, what struck me the most was when Bob Green (Oprah's trainer in case you don't know) said that he thing that was concerned with the participants is that they are all emotional eaters and that they would need to delve deep into themselves about what is bothering them, what is hurting them so badly that they use food as a cover-up.

That hit home with me. I have issues from childhood that has stayed with me until now. I won't disclose it here in this blog. I feel that its much to personal for now. Another thing is guilt. Oh God the guilt is killing me. I won't mention what I did either, it might be a sensitive issue for some people. What I can say is that I will be taking steps to settle it too..

So this is all for now.. Cheers...