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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How far we've come along..

Dear readers..
Today I met a friend of mine that I haven't seen for a long time. She was pregnant and is due by next month. I was struck at how far we've all come. I still remember when we were in part 1, our room were just across of each other. We used to share our foods, comics and during Valentines Day her then-boyfriend and her gave me and my roomate (we were both single at that time) a KFC meal and a big bar of Cadbury chocolate each.. That was fun and a bit embarassing a the same time.. I'll never forget that. She's so kind and thoughtful..

Last Sunday we had a dinner event which was Malam Pra Graduan. Some of our names was nominated for Leadership, Academic and Sports awards. That also made me think of how we have mapped our paths in UiTM and left our mark. I can still see us three years ago when we were still freshies, confused and uncertain.. Now, look at us.. We have learned through our experiences and others, done thing that we've never had or wanted to do before and challenged ourselves to do the best we can in every situation.
We've met with people that we could connect with on the spot, people who violate our trust, lecturers who are fun and approachable, lecturers who are strict yet kind and every other types of people you can think of.

My, my.. How far we've come along...