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Monday, April 09, 2012

My Delivery Story (Part 4): Shake, Baby Shake..

Hello, hello...
Part 4 of my delivery story.. Happy reading my friends..  ^^

Boo's brows knitted with concern. "Sakit kah?" he asked. I shook my head. I though that it was weird that he should ask me such a question when the surgery hadn't even started yet... THEN IT HIT ME! "Diorang sudah start potong kah?" I asked Boo quickly. He nodded. Let's just say if I my jaw could have dropped to the floor and rolled on it's own into the parking lot, it would have done so.

No, I am not being dramatic. I really was flabbergasted because first of all, I was told that they would walk me through the surgery. That being said, I presumed that they would at least tell me when they started the surgical procedure. Secondly, all of my friends that had C-Secs told me that when the scalpel cuts through they did not feel any pain, just the sensation of something pointed being dragged across their skin. So yes, I was waiting for that feeling. *Boo later told me that he saw smoke coming out from my cut. The reason why I didn't experience that pointed-thingy-scratching-my-tummy sensation MAY have been because Dr. Ramesh used a laser knife*
In order to distract myself from thinking about being cut up I focused on Boo. We exchanged a few sentences with each other, half of which neither of us understood because we could barely hear what the other said. *Both of us were whispering. It just didn't seemed right to talk in normal tones for some reason in the OT*. Then the anesthetist who had been standing nearby on my left came closer and told boo that it's almost time and that if he wanted to take pictures, he could do so by going over to the other side of the room.

Boo did just that and after a minute or two I thought I heard a baby's faint cry from far away. I asked the anesthetist "Anak sy sudah keluar kah?"  and he said,"Belum lagi. Kalo anak kamu sudah lahir kamu akan tau juga tu". Sure enough, less than a minute later my daughter's cry pierced through the air. I cried so hard that the anesthetist had to remind me to breathe. So much for a Hallmark moment. Potong steam betul la that anesthetist. Huhu..

I expected my baby to be put on my chest like the millions (Okay, I exaggerate) of episodes of One Born Every Minute that I watch religiously everyday. I mean, that would certainly be a Hallmark moment right? Unfortunately, it didn't happen. My baby was just shown to me from a few feet from me before being swept quickly away and being almost blind and not being allowed to wear neither glasses nor contact lenses into the Operating Theater (OT) I wan't really able to see her as anything but a whitish, pinkish and reddish blob. Kesian kah tidak?

After my baby was taken away to be cleaned, I expected Boo to be back by my side so I waited. Dr. Ramesh started to stitch me back up, and I began notice that there was music in the background. Dr. Ramesh was humming to the tune. Some of the nurses were talking in low voices as they worked. My legs felt as heavy as lead. "Oh, so this is how it feels like to not be able to walk", I thought with a shudder.

After what felt like a thousand years had passed I was still waiting for Boo to come back to me and I began to worry. What happened? Was there something wrong with my baby? Why wasn't Boo back by now, didn't he knew that I still needed him? How could he be so inconsiderate?! *I later found out that he wasn't allowed back into the OT after he went out with my daughter* Just as my worry was escalating I began to shiver uncontrollably.

The shivers became stronger and in a short time I was shaking so hard my neck hurt from jerking. It was as if I was having a seizure. I wanted to call out to the nurses but my teeth were chattering too much to form the words. The numbness had risen almost to my chest and it felt as if a ton of bricks has been put on it. I could barely breathe. I thought that it was the end for me. I was dying and I couldn't call for help even though the anesthetist and a nurse were right next to me. Tears flowed down my cheeks...

 To be continued...