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Sunday, April 01, 2012

My Delivery Story..

Helloooo peeps..
See the title? Yup, this post is going to be about my delivery story of my precious daughter Sophia Mikhayla. Hehe.. First of all let me tell you in brief about my pregnancy. In my 5th month, I found out that I had Gestational Diabetes which only effects pregnant women and disappears after delivery. At my 27th week I experienced a bit of bleeding and in my 30th week I had Less Fetal Movement Syndrome whereby my baby didn't move at least 10 times within 12 hours (9am-9pm).

As you can see, my pregnancy had numerous risk factors. For those reasons my gynae told me that I could not deliver later than my expected due date (EDD). If I wasn't in labor by my EDD, I would have to be induced. Obviously, it made me worry and after talking to a few friends about their birthing experience in both Government Hospitals and private Medical Centers, I decided to have my baby delivered at Rafflesia Medical Center (RMC).

 I checked in at RMC at 8.45am on the 4th of March 2012. I didn't feel nervous at all at that time. Masih ketawa2 lagi with my sister and mom naik pigi tingkat 1 ni. *On hindsight I guess I should have put on a more contrite front to the midwife since I was late. Hehe..*  I was swept into one of the rooms with 3 beds with the midwife on duty and was asked to strip and put on the 'hospital' gown. *You know the one I'm talking about. The one that completely covers one's front but only closes with 3 pairs of string at the back which provides little to absolutely NO coverage of one's backside*

It was only as I was lying alone on my bed with the curtain drawn that I though to myself, "Oh bugger.. What the eff did I get myself into?" Suddenly I was nervous and scared. Flashes of anything and everything that could go wrong ran through my head. Just then the midwife came in again to do a vaginal examination (VE) on me to check the opening of my cervix. Needless to say, since I wasn't dilating yet the VE hurts! Next, she inserted a pill to induce me.

With that, the waiting started. I was strapped to the CTG machine every 2 hours and whenever the numbers on the machine increased for my contractions, I felt happier and when it goes down I got frustrated because I was really, really hoping for a normal delivery. Even the midwife shook her head when she looked a the graft and said,"Baby ko main2 ni," because the readings were not consistent.

As the day went on, my contractions decreased. Even the midwife didn't bother to do a VE on me again because she said I wasn't threatening to kill someone yet out of pain so obviously I was not making any progress. By evening I was feeling just the same as I did when I checked in (no pain) only less than fresh, frustrated and extremely tired both physically and mentally. Thankfully, I was well distracted by the steady flow of visitors that came to see me.

That night, I couldn't sleep and by midnight I heard a flurry of scrambling feet and people talking like there was an emergency. The door to the delivery theater opened and shut hurriedly and about half an hour later a lusty cry of a newborn baby broke the silence of the night. I wistfully thought to myself, when would it be my turn to hold my Princess in my arms? Would she be okay? How would she look like? Those thoughts accompanied me to sleep...

To be continued...



AnnieMing said...

Waah.. Can't wait to read the next part when your princess was finally out! Next part, next part, next part hehehe