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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello there,
Great news, Sophie has finally learned how to flip onto her belly. Eversince she flipped by fluke 2 weeks ago, she had been trying and trying to do it again. Now that she could, that's the only thing that she wants to do it seems. Hehe..

If last time she would be sleeping within minutes of arriving home after we picked her up from work, now she doesn't want to sleep! Put her on her back and she would flop onto her belly. She still haven't gotten the hang of flipping over to her back so once she's on her belly, she's kinda stuck. Guess who cries when she's tired? Poor baby Sophie.. But she is learning to so am going to keep rooting for her.

Here are some pics of her in action..

Just a liiitttlllee bit more...

And she makes it!

"I was born to do this. Piece of cake"- Sophia Mikhayla.

Am so proud of her. Seeing her struggling yet never giving up is such an inspiration. Sigh! My baby girl is growing up so fast.. Alhamdulillah, am so grateful that things are going well so far and many more to come, insyaAllah.. Amin.

This is all for now peeps. Happy Thursday. Cheers!


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