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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Random Update..

Hello there..
How are you guys? For my Muslim readers, how has your Ramadhan been so far? Mine has been wrought with challenges especially with my health. I had a few gastric attacks and have a lot of wind in my tummy which gets worst when I fast. Sigh. I hope your Ramadhan has been better than mine.

I have been pretty busy with work the past week. Covering for my boss who went on leave for 2 days didn't help. New unofficial rules imposed made it even worse. My workplace did give us Muslim staff permission to go back at 4.30PM though so that is definitely a bonus. After work I would go to shopping complexes and browse through Watsons, swatching makeup that I have been lusting over for some time. Hehe..

I noticed that Sophie has started to grip things more now. On the 26th July she started to grab my hair and my is her grip strong! I have to keep untangling her fingers out of my hair. Sometimes she would hold on even tighter, as if my hair was a lifeline. Ouch for her mama.. Huhu.. Yesterday (1st August) she managed to turn 360 degrees! Yay! All this while she has only been able to flip on to her tummy. Now she could lie flat on her back again by turning in the same direction if you know what I mean.

My pay came in two days ago. As usual, I only get to touch my pay for a few seconds when I withdraw it then deposit it into the cash deposit machine next to the ATM to pay off my loans and credit card. Sigh! I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  A lot of people are on the same boat as I am anyway I'm sure... ^^

Well I guess this is all for now dear readers. I'm sorry that I haven't been updating much all this while. I will try my best to make an entry every week, insyaAllah..