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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Trend 2014 - Product List For Flipagram Clip

Hello there..

I posted a Flipagram clip (Click here to watch it) of the look above on my Facebook Page with the promise that I would list out the products that I used here on my blog. It is created as an interpretation of some of the hottest Spring makeup trends for 2014 which are white eye shadow as well as Tangerine-colored lips. If you'd like to know the products I used and how I achieved the look, keep on reading...

Face Products:
1. MAC Prep + Prime.
2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish 24-Hour Foundation in 202 Nude.
3. MAC Strobe Cream.
4. MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation.
5. Benefit Posietint

First, I applied MAC Prep + Prime all over my face and neck. Next, I mixed the Rimmel London Foundation with MAC Strobe Cream (With a ratio of about 2:1) to create a luminescent finish to my skin. As the Rimmel London Nude 202 is a full coverage foundation, I used a little bit of the of it as an under eye concealer. Then I dotted Benefit's Posietint on the apples of my cheeks and blended upwards towards my temples. Lastly, I applied MUFE Powder Foundation on my T-zone to set my makeup as I tend to get oily in that area.

Eye Products:
1. MAC Paintpot in Painterly.
2. Elianto Celestial 2 in 2 Eyeliner in Snow White.
3. Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever palette (World's Famous Neutrals).
4. Maybelline HyperSharp Liner.
5. Rimmel London Extereme Definition Two-Tone Eye Definer in It Girl.
6. MAC Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick.
7. In2it Clear Lash Gel.

I used MAC Paintpot in painterly as my eye shadow primer by applying it all over my lids up to my brow bone. Next, I used Snow White from Elianto on my lids as a white colored base. Then I applied a white shadow from Benefit's Sexiest Nudes Ever palette which is 'Milk It!' on my lids where I applied Snow White earlier. After that I mixed 'Raincheck?' and 'Pause For Applause' from the same palette on my crease to define my eyes. 

I used Maybelline's HyperSharp Liner to thinly line my upper lash line, winging it out at the outer corners. I then lined the outer three quarters of my lower lash line with Rimmel London's It Girl (the brown pencil). Next, I use MAC Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick to highlight the inner quarter of my lower lash line. 

I used the brown color pencil from Rimmel London's It Girl to lightly fill in my brows. I then used In2it's Clear Lash Gel to comb and set my brows in place.

Lip Product:
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti.

This is the simplest step of all. I simply applied Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti over my lips. I chose this over a full on Tangerine-colored lipstick to make the look work-appropriate. This is also a nice option for those who are taking baby steps towards wearing brighter lip colors.

So there you have it, the product list for this Spring Trend 2014-inspired look as well as how I create it. I'm not used to wearing white shadow but I must say that I am digging it so far. Would you wear white eye shadow out and about? What about orange lips? Do share in the comments section below.

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