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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Potty Training The Little One...

Hello hello there lovelies!

In this post I'd like to share my experience potty training Sophia. No, this is not a guide on how to potty train your child (believe me, I wish it is!) because I have not yet succeeded. You see, I have been trying to potty train Sophia since almost a month ago. I even scheduled 3 days leave after reading that it is possible to potty train a toddler within that time. Unfortunately, Sophia is still in diapers.

I took off her diaper and get her to sit on her potty for a minute every 15 minutes. Initially she would always be fine with it but by the time 1 hour has gone, she would be running away from me when it is time to sit on the potty! At most I'd only be able to coax her to sit on her potty for 6-7 times within 2 hours and after that she'd be struggling to get out of my grasp if I attempted to bring her to the potty. Sometimes she'd get up from the potty, run to the far end of the living room and pee. In case you can't imagine, this is a very frustrating and emotionally exhausting process.

Yes, I even made 'Shhhhhh' sounds (Source)

I didn't want to force her too much as I know it will only traumatize her and make her not want to even go near her 'throne' so I'd wait a few days and try again. It's been almost a month now with no signs of success. I am quite anxious to get her potty trained because not only will it cut down a significant amount of cost (I just got to know that the next batch of Huggies diapers size L will be RM44++ instead of the usual RM38++) but also because I noticed that she is starting to get rashes around her pubic area despite me frequently changing her diaper. I'm sure as toddlers get older, their skin in that area matures and they are no longer able to wear diapers for extended periods of time.

Story of my life.. Huhuhu... (Source)

I have a feeling that she isn't quite ready yet. When I ask her if she wants to go to shee shee she wouldn't give me any indication (yes or no) which I think plays quite a big role in potty training. Doesn't stop me from feeling guilty though, as if I am not trying hard enough. Sigh...

Have you succeeded in potty training your toddler? Do share you experiences and tips in the comments section below. Thanks.