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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phy Says: Dressing Better = Dating Someone?

Hello there..

Since I have been taking an active interest in what I wear, I've had a nagging suspicion that my colleagues were going to speculate on the "Why"s. True enough, I was off duty on Saturday but had to go back to the office to do a daily report for a few minutes before going for breakfast with my parents and Sophie. I wore my lacy mint dress with a black shrug over it, black flats and a thin, mint hairband in my hair. When I went to the lower offices to submit my report, the clerks were like,"Whoah! Giiirrlll, you MUST be meeting your boyfriend!".

The outfit..

I blush really easily so even though I suspected that they would speculate as such, I couldn't stop myself from blushing which they took as a "Yes" to their theory. I laughingly told them that no, I didn't have anyone special and can't a girl dress for herself? They hemmed and hawed and finally said,"But you look soooo different recently!". Still doesn't explain why they assumed that dressing differently (and better) equals having a boyfriend. And I think they didn't believe me when I told them that I was just going out with family. Lol..

What do YOU think? If you see someone suddenly dressing up, do you immediately assume he/she is dating someone? If so, why?


P/S: I almost wanted to play a prank on them and say,"Yes, he's working here too" and let them wrack their brains till the cows come home on who it might be. Lol!