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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Plus Size Prattle - "You're Gonna Eat All Of That?"

Hello dearies..

Last week one of the kitchen staff brought Curry Puffs and Pulut Panggang (local kuehs) to sell. They were sold RM1 for 3 each so I bough RM2 of both kuehs to have later with my family and RM1 of each for my staff working the afternoon shift. After tasting 1 of both kuehs, I thought that the Curry Puffs were really good and knowing that my mum liked them, I decided to buy RM1 more. I figured if we couldn't finish them up, we could always have the rest for breakfast the next day.

I went down to buy said extras and I noticed 2 of the staff in that office looking at me, smirking. They had already commented on my sizable initial purchase, to which I (regretfully) felt the need to explain that I was not buying them all for myself but for others as well. I felt my face getting warm because I knew they were probably thinking,"Hmph, as if we don't know it's all for herself". I pulled back my shoulders and lifted my chin and thought to myself,"It doesn't matter what they think. What's important is who this is really for".

Towards the end of working hours Lilian, one of the clerks, told me that the kuehs are being marked down and was I interested to buy? I was like,"Why not?" (there's always breakfast) I was about to go down to clock out from work when the elevator opened and I saw a staff from my other unit. I was like,"OMG! I've forgotten about her". Yeah, I didn't count her in when I bought the kuehs for the evening shift. I felt so bad that I bought her RM1 of each kuehs. I felt so happy seeing her face light up at the prospect of having them for tea. And no, I didn't buy any for myself the 3rd time around. Just saying.

I was in the car with the engine on when my mum called. They were out of the house and she asked if I had my house keys with me. Unfortunately, I didn't so I decided to hangout with the staff in the lower office to kill time. When I walked in one of the Smirky Sally staff said,"Oh my God have you come to buy more?!" referring to the kuehs. I (again, regretfully) quickly explained my predicament so as not to the thought as the Greedy Chubby Girl From Upstairs. "Oh, I thought you came back to buy more" she said smiling like a Cheshire cat. "That would be too much", I said trying to laugh it off but for some reason, I feel ashamed which was silly because it wasn't like I was the one making bad assumptions about other people.

I guess I was embarrassed to be thought as greedy. This was not the first time I was judged as such. I've been to a Bazaar where I was buying food for my friends when the hawker said,"Wow, so many! You're gonna eat all of that?" and grinned meaningfully, displaying a row of rotten teeth. It's an unfair assessment that when a big girl buys lots of food, she's greedy and it's all for herself. If a skinny girl bought tons of food I know that people' would have IMMEDIATELY assumed that she's buying for others as well. How ridiculous is that?

Have you ever face with this prejudice? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

I laughed last with this delicious tea of Curry Puffs and ABC.