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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Rambling...

Dear Readers...
I haven't been able to religiously update my blog. I dunno, maybe because I have so much to talk about but not a lot to say about each topic.. So today I decided to just ramble and see where it takes me..

I started off my day okay.. I was sleepy but that's not unusual. Towards the afternoon a guy who couldn't pay his road tax 'sembur' me really badly.. He just wouldn't admit that his car was fined in 1995. Kononnya he checked his fines everytime he pays his road tax and there weren't any fines until today.. Yeah right.. Mau bullsh*t pun tengo lah tempat weh... He even threatened to call Bukit Aman. My response? 'Ya encik, kol lah Bukit Aman. Senang lagi, direk terus' Full stop.. Malas mau layan.. Layan orang bongo last2 kita pun jadi bongo juga..

The next to come to my counter was a man with his wife and child. He was there when the idiot shouted himself hoarse at me so dia pun tunjuk taji lah. He say its not fair that he didin't know about the speed trap fine until he was about to pay his roadtax and find that he couldn't. Memang lah not fair, tapi don't forget that he is not the only person who gets fined and not know about it.

The system is not perfect. I'll be the first to admit that but instead of pointing fingers to others why don't we ask ourselves are WE doing OUR part? Ada kita pigi check sama ada kita ni ada saman atau tidak periodically? Tiada kan.. Cuba kalo check sekali dalam 3 atau 6 bulan, manada jadi macam ni kan. I just ask him if he want's to pay or not? If he does then pay up, if not then just go to a higher authority and make his plea. Dia nda lagi puas ati ngan istilah 'merayu'. Whatever..

Bored to tears until after luch where we had a dialog with our Pengarah.. Bored to tears some more during the dialog. I got a plastic chair with a 'broken back' so I couln't really lean aganst the back of my chair.. I didn't know it was broken at first and when I leaned back it made a cracking sound. Thankfully, it wasn't that loud and I managed to lower my squeel of surprise to a mere squeek instead. After the dialog came teatime. The fried noodles and fried chicken were really nice.. Maybe because it was FOC? Hehehe... After tea balik umah and tidied up what needs to be tidied up.. Then came to this cc and ramble..

Gosh, what a poor existence I live in.. What happened this afternoon really made me hate my job.. I suppose if I expect to work in a place where there are no backstabbers, unofficial 'reporter's and customers who irritate the Hell out of me, I might as well retreat into a cave because that job doesn't exist. Sigh! It did make me question myself, can I do this for the next 34 years of my life? And the answer is... NO WAY! The thought for doing this everyday for the next over 3 decades of my life left me with goosebumps.. I can't live like this.

So what do I want to do for the rest of my life? I want to do something I like.. The problem is, I don't frickin' know what I like! Ugh! Ni lah masalah kalo nda kenal one's own strengths and weaknesses as well as not having a clear ambition that I can work towards achieving.

Maybe I just need a vacay.. It's been ages since I've had fun, real fun where I just let my hair down and let loose.. The weather is not permissible for a trip to the islands.. Bowling? Never played it.. Maybe I'll just go for a movie.. I'm thinking 'Despicable Me'.. Or have a picnic at Tg Aru Beach with my honey.. Oh well.. Will figure that out later. Apapun, tonight is the first eve CSI Trilogy! I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to this since 2 weeks ago when I first saw the ad on tv.. Hehehe.. *Rubbing hands together gleefully*

Anyway...I guess that's enough rambling for the mo'.. Cheers!