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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Experience Cutting Open A Durian... All By Myself!

Dear Readers...
Welcome to another 'First Time/Experience' post. This time is about my first experience cutting open a durian fruit all by myself. I'm sure some of you are so accomplished at this that you can open a durian up by flinging it up in the air, cut it into quarters with one hand tied behind your back and not causing yourself or anyone else mortal injury. Not me though.

When I'm at home my daddy becomes the 'Durian Surgeon'. All I know is that when whatever he does is over a plate of creamy, buttery and sweet durian flesh materializes in front of me.. Yeah, shameful I know. Whenever I'm away from home and I crave to eat durian I would just buy the ones packed into styrofoam containers.. Sorry Mother Earth for contributing to the increase of undegradable waste because of my selfish pleasure..

Anyway... Yesterday evening a generous officer gave me a few mangosteen and a durian from his own orchard. I was thinking to myself, 'How in the world am I going to open this durian?' After leaving it overnight, this morning I decided to risk a few scratches (and stitches if anything went wrong) and attempted to 'operate' said durian armed with only a regular kitchen knife. Surprisingly it wasn't so hard! The skin is quite easy to penetrate especially if you follow the natural ridges on it.

 I did this by myself... Yay!

My trusty knife... And a durian seed.. Haha...

The bounty? 3 moderate and 4 small pieces (betul kah penjodoh bilangan sy tu?) of durian. It was delicious! FOC kan, musti lah sedap.. Hahaha.. It could have been 8 pieces all in all but unfortunately one of them were super mushy and suddenly out of the durian skin's crevice a maggot crawled out and went towards the mushy piece.. Eewww... Not a pretty sight. Looked through each piece of durian carefully before consuming after that.

Which meant I ate durian for breakfast today.. Definitely not the smartest thing to do since it's a 'heaty' fruit. Well done Phoebe.. That's a first for me too by the way. It's believed that mixing water with a pinch of salt in the pocket of the durian skin and drinking from it will eliminate the heat of the fruit from our body. Being the cheat I am at cooking, I only have Maggi Sedap granules (cz its all in one) and not a grain of salt so I had to skip that step.

Undeniably badan memang rasa panas at first and I even thought that I may go down with fever but by mid morning everything went back to normal. Besa lah kan, tulang besi urat dawai... It will take more than one durian to take me down.. Chewah! Hehehe.. Anyway, cheers people!