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Friday, July 09, 2010

Living In A Small Community..

Dear Readers,
It is believed that in a smaller community, the people are more caring and friendly. I too felt the same way at first... However, after living for the past almost 2 months in such a place I discovered a dark side to it...

I know, I know.. People in small communities are caring people. They show concern for your well being, etc.. However, there is a vast difference between being concerned about others and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.. Watching my house to ensure no one breaks into it while I'm away for the weekend is being a caring neighbor. Watching my house to see whether my kitchen light is on as an indication that I'm cooking that night or not is being nosy, not to mention creepy.

Most of the women (and men) can put even E! Channel to shame when it comes to tattling and gossiping.. Trust me when I say you CAN'T TRUST ANYBODY. I casually mentioned in passing one day that most of the time I just eat instant noodles for dinner (and breakfast.. and lunch..) because that is the only thing I can cook without a stove and by the next week even the Big Boss knows I eat instant noodles for almost every meal, everyday. And I told only one person. Imagine that.. By the way, I've started cooking and eating 'real' food now because I have an electric cooker. So there!

Story Time
Spreading facts about people is one thing you know, but making up stories? Mean stuff some more.. These 'story tellers' (normally housewives) hang out in their cliques and spin stories about others like you wouldn't believe... What's even worse is that they even spin tales about each other when that particular person is not with them. Seriously.. I'm not sure whether it's a natural talent for making up stories borne from an overactive imagination or it's just an incurable disease caused by boredom.. Whatever it is, please exclude me from your 'Collection of Short Stories', I have have no interest on being one of the unfortunate 'heroines' in it...
Suspicious Minds
Ah, woe betide any single young woman who lives alone in an easy-to-access area. The married women in the area won't be liking you very much. Expect to be inspected and scanned from head to toe with their laser-like eyes and whispered about behind their claw-like hands.. Oh, and be prepared to be treated differently from their 'clique'. For example, when they start passing food like a really delicious looking chocolate cake? It would be a normal occurance for the 'cake distributor' to be strategically distracted by something nonsensical when it comes to your turn to get a piece and you suddenly get passed over. Yeah, whatever...

Just so we're clear, I'm not shedding ugly light about living in a kampong particularly but rather a small community which can be anywhere. Quarters, housing area, etc. Also no offense to all married women or housewives out there. My own mum is a housewife and if you have read my previous posts, you'd know that I hope to be a 'Suri Rumah Yang Berjaya' one day. There are those who are not like that but they are a rare and endangered species. Anyway, cheers...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

sounds like Wisteria Lane to me!

Phoebe said...

Almost, but less funny and no hunky men involved.. Hahaha... :)

Asrih Arif said...

OMG ... I know what u're talking about... the over caring neighbours and 'penglipurlara'... They should make a novel with their talent rather than making big fat lies about others... jijik tol!

Gallivanter said...

Such is life, there'll never be perfection. :-)


Phoebe said...

Asrih: Ya bah... Overactive imagination ni.. Talam dua muka paling bahaya.. They'll help you and get you to trust them and then when they have 'excavated' every single morsel of your life then they 'publish' a tell-all book about you.. Teruk!

Gallivanter: Yeah, they'll never be perfection in life.. Isn't that what makes life imperfectly perfect? :)