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Thursday, July 07, 2011

How Old Are You?

You will be turning 26 years old  in 2012 and your birthday is in the month of June. If someone enquires your age in the month of March 2012, do you:

a) Tell them that you are 25 years old because you not your birthday yet.

b) Tell them that you are 26 years old because 2012 is the year that you would turn 26 anyway so why bother with dates and birthdays?

c) Say "I'll be turning 26 years old this June".

I know the "how old are you?" question is such a trivial thing to spend too much time thinking about but I always pause when I get asked this question by a nurse or by anyone where the age in my record would count. Do I need to be technical about it (a) or do I just generalize it (b)? Preferences aside, is there even an actual 'correct' way to answer?

I have a tween cousin who, when she was a kid, would answer that question with "3 bulan lagi mau 10 tahun" if it was for example, 3 months to her 10th birthday and so on. If she gets asked a few days before her birthday she would say,"Dekat sudah 10 tahun". Haha...

So how would you answer if you get asked this question? Do you answer (a), (b) or (c)?

P/S: I would choose (c).