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Friday, July 01, 2011

Be The Boss Of You.. Love Your Body!

Yesterday was my 7th and final day of taking Herbalife shake with the Herbalife Nutrition Club. I was asked to weigh in and this is what my numbers showed:

Weight: 71.5KGs
% of fat: 39.4 
% of water: 44.4
Muscle mass: 40.7KGs
Physical Level: 3 
Metabolism: 1377
Biological age: 50 
Bone mass: 2.8KG
Visceral fat: 8

The numbers were disappointing but then again not too surprising as I weighed in at the end of the day instead of early in the morning.. Silly me. However during those short moments of resentment I came to realize just how far I've deviated from my initial purpose and principles.

Yes, I want to lose weight but I also  want to be fitter and slimmer. Losing weight doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting thinner and vice versa. I am gaining muscle mass and bone density so that could be the contributing factor of the less than desirable weight loss. 

To all of you out there who have tried slimming products and failed, I understand how you feel. I too,  have tried so many slimming products before including Herbalife and failed. It is only recently that I realized why I never succeed with any brand of slimming products. It is because I have too high and expectation for them. 

I think of the products as miracle items that will help me not feel hunger for hours so that I won't have to eat. When I do feel hunger (which is only 1 hour after taking the product) I get angry and frustrated because I feel as if I have been spending my money for naught. What's the use of me buying them if I still feel hungry?

I kind of put myself in the position of a victim. As if I am helpless and have no self-control without this product and if it doesn't make me feel NOT hungry the product is going to MAKE me fail at losing weight. See how wrong my mind-set was?

I recently realized that I am the one in charge for what I put into my mouth. I am the one who is responsible for the workouts that I do. I am in control of when I give my body nutrition, not Herbalife, Sendayu Tinggi or any of those slimming products out there. I am the boss of ME and those products are simply assistants to help me. 

We have the power to resist temptation and choose our moments and pleasures. For example, I give myself a treat every other day which is a 2-finger Kit Kat bar. Yesterday was not treat day but I was craving to have cheese baked rice. Instead of having it yesterday when the craving hit, I decided to have it today and forgo my Kit Kat bar. 

See? I chose my moment of pleasure and I feel very proud of that small accomplishment because I have always thought that I am one of those people who can't resist anything. It's still something that I am working on and I believe that every effort counts no matter how small it might seem.

Also, remember that everyone is different and not all eating programs and fitness routine suits everyone. Some may be able to resist eating junk food at the blink of the eye and others might be able to not eat rice for months without too much effort. Know yourself and tailor your eating program and fitness routine to suit you. You too, can be the boss of YOU and make it happen.

I hope that this post is helpful for those out there who is struggling with their weight issues. Please, please don't torture your bodies by taking medications, starving, purposely giving yourself food poisoning and etc. Love your body because it is the only one we have and it's not even ours, it's a precious gift that Allah is lending to us during our time here on Earth. 

Cheers everyone!