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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Merry Goose Chase...

Hi all..
My leave got approved! I am in KL right now, completing my 30 day notice. Let me tell you though that I had to make a lot of phone calls and got kicked from one person to another like a football before finally being able to get any definitive answers (and sometimes, not even that).

They really tried to make it difficult for me and I think if I hadn't persevered I wouldn't have had my leave approved and I would have had to pay one month's worth of basic salary. The person at Records Department in IPK told me that I cannot apply for leave during my 30 day notice. I felt that it was weird because I don't remember reading about it in the rules and regulations of resignation.

So I called Bukit Aman and they said the same thing. They said that my remaining leave days are considered 'burned' and so are my 4 days of OT. It was only when I called JPA that I got a different answer. The lady from the Records department at JPA said that I was eligible to claim a reduced number of leave (as I wasn't working until the end of the year) as well as my 4 OT days as off days.

I called Bukit Aman again and the lady there sounded subdued when I countered what she said earlier to me with what the JPA lady said. She replied by saying that if that's what JPA said then it's fine for me to go ahead with applying my leave. Cis! Pedahal mula-mula bukan main lagi dia minta puji. Mesti hadir tugas tanpa gagal lah, apa lah.  

In turn, I called IPK Record department again and told THEM about it but the lady there still insisted that I must work during the 30 day notice because my reason for leaving was for getting a new job in the private sector. She kind of was telling me that I should just do it and not complain. In other words, forget about taking the leave. As if I would go down without a fight. No sirree!

I called JPA again and JPA said that the reason for resignation is nobody's business. I could resign for whatever reason that I wanted and it shouldn't and in fact cannot affect my right to apply for leave during my notice. Imagine if I didn't try to find out from other sources and just relied on IPK or Bukit Aman. I would be wasting almost RM1K. Dosa besar diorang ni tau.. Ei...

Itu baru pasal cuti, belum masuk bab gaji lagi. The IPK lady said that I must pay back my pay for the month of August 2011 and give back the RM500 bonus. I called Bukit Aman in the Salary department and found out that I was eligible for it since anyone who has worked from the 1st of January 2011 to the 8th August 2011 is entitled to get it. Pekeliling JPA bil 8 2011 or something. I had only started my 30 day notice on the 11th of August 2011.

Moral of the story? Mesti mau tanya dari sumber-sumber yang berbeza sebelum berpuas hati dengan jawaban yang diberi. Sometimes the people that we ask are not really well-versed in rules and regulations as they'd like to think they are. Kalau boleh tanya di HQ. Jangan la mau tanya yang setakat di peringkat daerah atau negeri jak. Bukan mau pandang rendah but you can see for yourselves from my experiences right the merry goose chase that they sent me on?

Hopefully there will be no hiccups (although I have a niggling feeling that it would be otherwise). Anyway, I am so glad to be away from that dratted office and when I heard that OPS for road safety is going to start operating today I felt so relieved that I no longer play any part in it. When I look back at all the things that I went through in that small office, I'm surprised that I stayed on as long as I did.

Oh well.. What's most important to me now is that it is almost completely over now. Hopefully I will be able to get a better job with better pay in a better place among better people. Amin.. :)

This is all for now friends. Cheers!