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Friday, August 05, 2011

The Most Annoying People During Ramadhan: According To Phy

Hello peeps,
The month of Ramadhan is here again and before I start bashing I would like to express my gratitude to Allah SWT for allowing me to experience my 7th Ramadhan as a Muslim. May we all enjoy Allah's Blessings and reap the benefits of this month's "Pahala Bonanza" for our time in the after life.

Now let's get back to the topic on hand. I don't know about you, but as much as I love the month of Ramadhan for all its Barakah and all that comes with it, there are certain things that SOME people do that just irks me. Among them are:

The Resenters
I might get a lot of hate for this but hey, bring it on! Seriously, I find this the number one thing that annoys me. I've seen Muslims glaring and bad-mouthing those eating a few tables away. Some even reprimand their non-Muslim friends for eating in front of them.

Hey, I'm a Muslim too. I know how it feels like to fast. The last half an hour is the hardest part and to see people eating at that time when there is food ready in front of you is just pure torture. Do remember though that they have the right to eat wherever and whenever they choose. For me, if you can't resist then save the Diva attitude and go live in a cave.. Or cook at home AND eat at home for breaking fast.

The Judges
These kind of people would see a Muslimah buying food or eating food during the day and immediately judge her as a person who skipped fasting on purpose.

Sometimes I wonder if these people slept their way through Fardhu Ain classes all throughout their school years because if they should know anything, it is that women have "special privileges" when it comes to fasting. They might be having their menstruation, are pregnant or breast-feeding, all of which allows them to be exempt BUT are required to replace before the next Ramadhan comes again.

If it's just mere teasing then I understand but this is full-on judging, sometimes without words (They use 'The Stare' method). More than that (Surprise! Surprise!) other Muslimahs does it too. They throw sidelong weird glances at those who buy food in public. What is that about? You'd think that they are the ones who would have better sense and be more understanding. Sheesh!

The Self-Righteous
This is an extension of the above. I know a lot of people who act like it's their right to know why you are not fasting. Worse of all they can be very rude and intrusive too with their questions.

"Bocor kah adek? Ataupun buat2 bocor jak?"

Ladies, never feel that you need to give explanation to such people. Yeah, you don't want them to think badly of you but if they are nice people and worth the concern, they wouldn't and shouldn't be quick in assuming the worst about you anyways.

The Not-So-Bright Detectives
This is yet ANOTHER extension of the one previous to the above but with no serious malicious intent. "Uh, tak puasa kah adek?" they would ask when they see you carrying food or a bottle of water. Uh, sure I am fasting. I'm just using this water as a mouth wash you see, and the food for cleaning my teeth.

Like, are you for real?

Sometimes I feel like saying yes, I am fasting while immediately biting into my food just to see the look on their faces. Not that I've ever done it before. Just an idea.. A really tempting one. Sigh!

Seasonal OKUs
Ah, my fave kind of people. They would go around doing their thing 10 times slower, complain all the way and every time you ask them to do something they refuse because they are fasting. Suddenly they are disabled. Can't walk to the door to close it, can't go to the next room to get documents, etc.


"Panas lah!"

"Mengantuk lah!"

"Ish, time2 puasa macam ni la mau suruh orang buat benda tu"

Sikap sedemikian sangat ditegah dan dilarang dalam Islam tau. Allah SWT tidak suka. We are to go about doing our usual activities without complaint. Only then will we be able to reap the full benefits of fasting.

The Exhibitionist
This one is almost the same as the above. The difference is that they don't complain too much but really, really show that they are fasting. They would have their long face on, talk about the good deeds that they do because of the month of Ramadhan and end almost every other sentence with "Ya lah, bulan Ramadhan kan. Jadi kena la buat baik,"

Habis, kalo bukan bulan puasa boleh jadi hantu balik la perangai tu? Heraaaaannnnn....

Actually there are more but maybe I'll save them for the next post. Haha... Cheers peeps..