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Monday, June 08, 2015

Sabah Day Of Mourning - Remembering The Ranau Earthquake Victims

Dear all..

Today, 8th June 2015, is a day of mourning for Sabah as we remember and pay tribute to the victims who died on Mount Kinabalu due to the earthquake of 5.9 magnitude that occurred in Ranau at 7.15AM on June 5, 2015 local time. This is the first time that an earthquake has ever resulted in death in Malaysia. So far 18 are found dead and 2 climbers are confirmed missing.

When we in Keningau experienced the 'residual' effects of the earthquake at about 7.23AM, little did we know that disaster had struck Mount Kinabalu and all the climbers, guides and staff as well as the villagers were experiencing the most frightening day of their lives.

A tribute made in Kota Kinabalu City to the victims and a prayer to all those still on Mount Kinabalu whether missing or doing SAR mission.

1. Read about the harrowing experience of one of the climbers who survived the ordeal here. Reading this, I think if it had happened to me I would have just totally lost it earlier on especially the abseiling part as I am petrified of heights.

2. Photos of the Mountain Guides of Mount Kinabalu as they carried the injured and guided the remaining climbers back to the base camp. They are the Unsung Heroes of this tragedy.

3. Remembering the Mount Kinabalu Guides who passed away:

Robbi Sapinggi. He was injured during the quake yet urged the climbers under his care to climb on to safety while he waited for help to come. He passed on from his injuries several hours later. 

Joseph was found hugging two foreign climbers under his care in an attempt to protect them by being a human shield. Unfortunately, all three did not survive. Photo Source

4. The earthquake caused the Mount Kinabalu's iconic "Dongkey Ears" to break. 

Please lend your prayers and support to the mountain guides, climbers and rescuers still on Mount Kinabalu. If you are so inclined, please read this to know how you can contribute financially to the Mount Kinabalu mountain guides and their families as their source of income will be badly affected with the closing down of Kinabalu Park for an unknown period of time.

Thank you in advance for your help and prayers.