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Monday, May 07, 2012

First Experience: KKIA Kota Kinabalu

Hello all,
Today I went to KKIA *Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak ye tuan2 dan puan2, bukan Kota Kinabalu International Airport* Kota Kinabalu as baby Sophia is due to get her Triple Antigen jab (2nd month). I had planned to register and follow up there as well. When I arrived at KKIA KK it looked pretty quiet. It was only until I stepped in that I saw it was busy as a bee hive.

I went to the counter to register and they asked me where am I living in? I told them and they referred me to another KKIA. I tried reasoning with them because as someone who doesn't have my own transport, I can hardly expect boo to drive me all the way to the KKIA they suggested when it's almost time for him to go to work. It just wasn't possible. In the end, they relented.

I noticed that each room is named after places in Sabah such as Manukan, Tugu, etc. I was referred to room no 2. I didn't have to wait long and the nurse who attended to me didn't ask too many questions. The only thing is they tried hard to convince me to go to another KKIA for upcoming monthly. Their reasoning is that the meds in their KKIA is already allocated for babies their area. If they give my baby immunization shots at their KKIA, then a baby in their own jurisdiction wouldn't be able to get their shots.

So I asked them, how do you know exactly how many babies are in your jurisdiction? "Oh, we look at the birth rate in KK" says the nurse. Okay, fair enough. However there's just something about that kind of reasoning that doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I'm being a smarty-pants but while I understand that KK covers a lot of ground up to the point where they have to divide into a few areas and set up KKIA's in those areas so that KKIA KK won't be swamped, I have to ask:

If you rely on the birth-rate, what about those who are staying within KK's jurisdiction but went back to their hometown (let's say Ranau) to give birth and would follow up at KKIA KK? Their baby's birth would then be counted in Ranau's jurisdiction not KK's. The numbers wouldn't match up and their meds wouldn't be enough anyways right?

The smarty pants tahap Boboboi in me also thinks that surely they would order more stock for medicine rather than order just enough to cover the birth rate in KKIA KK's area. Surely. I mean, that's the basic stock-keeping right? If your demand is 30, you order 35 or 40, maybe even 50 just in case. So nda la bah sampai ada kes baby nda dapat kena immunize sebab tiada stock ubat. If they really ordered just enough meds based on the birth rate of KK, I would be amazed at their lack of foresight.

Aaaaannnnyywwaaayyy, on the plus side everything was fast (maybe they wanted to get rid of me ASAP, who knows) and in 30 minutes I'm out the door with baby Sophie immunized and clutching a bottle of liquid pain killer for babies as the Triple Antigen shot will make her feverish. Huhu.. *Bracing self to weather the fever storm* All in all, they were very efficient and none of the nurses were rude. I was happy with their service.

Thanks for taking the time to read this entry.