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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pictures Galore

Initially I had wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday but I find it impossible to stop myself from typing captions for the photos. These are some of the pics of when I was preggers until delivery and some of Sophie's.

A word of caution before we proceed. There are images of my surgery so if you have a queasy stomach, I suggest that you skip this post. You will also be exposed to photos of me in my haggard, unmade-up face with my bulbous Rodolph-esque red nose that I had acquired during my pregnancy. Proceed with caution. Hehe..

A very preggy me. Was about 38 to 39 weeks at this time.

In the Delivery Suite and being dripped with Pitocin.

 The surgery

Sophia Mikhayla was born!

Wrapped in her pinky blanket

Sophie incubated. Kind of. Under the warm rays of light to keep her warm..

 Wheeled in from the Operating Theater. I was shaking like a leaf in the storm.

Still shaking and was unable to hold Sophia. They held her close to me and Sophia turned to rest her cheek against mine.

Held her for the first time. The sweetest feeling ever..

Mama love you sayang...

Sophia's tag..

Sophie, newborn..

Sophie, less than a week old (notice how big her romper is for her?)

8 days old..

Around 3 weeks old. See how fast she is filling in her romper? 

Almost a month old

 One month old!

Sophie at six and a half weeks. Awal2 sudah posing kasi keluar lidah. Ish2 anak mama ni.. Haha..

Some of the photos of myself are pretty ghastly and so I leave you some reminders that yours truly was not born looking like that...

Lots of Love,