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Sunday, May 06, 2012


Hello there,
I hate hangers. Okay, maybe I shouldn't use such a strong word on something that is helping me dry my laundry but seriously I find them extremely annoying.

First of all they are always getting caught up with each other. When you try to pull one out, either it won't budge or a whole bunch would fall out. The best part is, it always does this when you are in a hurry or when your hands-are-full-but-you-need-just-one-more-hanger-so-you-try-getting-it-with-your-teeth.

Darn it..

This has lead me to wishing that I am living in a house with a compound so that I could have a clothes line to to hang my laundry properly instead of in an apartment where I have to rely on hangers to ensure that my laundry wouldn't have to lie crumpled in a wet heap too long. Sigh! 

Am in a petty mood, can you tell?


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Aemy Shamy said...

oh i hate it too when they hooked on each other..i wish i had my own laundry machine that's directly drying my clothes..so i don't have to jemur them..hehe.. #lazyass

Phoebe said...

Kan? Kalau ada machine yang kasi kering dan lipat terus lagi bagus. Hehehe...