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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gastronomic Discovery..

Dear Readers..
I think I may be ketinggalan zaman for this, but I have discovered a place that gives me gastronimic pleasure. That place is.... Jeng, jeng, jeng...

This is not me being vain. Take a look at the cover of the menu... Hehehe...

My partner in crime, Kak Asmah..

Its Old Town!! This is kinda an overdue post of mine.. This was when I was still in Putrajaya.

I have always heard about this place in passing but never really gave it much thought. It was only after I saw aidathepinkgoddess.blogspot.com punya enthusiasm in promoting Old Town that I actually went and checked it out. Thanks Aidalina.. ;)

That was when I fell in love. Not only was the food delicious, the price was also reasonable. Well, at least in KL it is. Food in KL is so expensive you'd be clapping like the happiest seal in the zoo if you pay RM6++ for a square meal.. Unless of course you eat at mamak stalls. Anyway.

Chicken curry + rice, Old Town White Coffee & Honey Lemon drink

My dish.. I think its the Chicken Hor Fun...

I had ordered noodles (I unfortunately do not remember the actual name. Sorry Old Town kalau salah) and my housemate Kak Asmah ordered curry with rice, white coffee and lemon honey drink. The curry is to die for people! It's so good. The famous Old Town White Coffee is okay. I'm not an avid coffee drinker but I like it. Kak Asmah said its just 'Macam besa jak...' though.

I'm happy with my meal too. It suits my taste just right. All the price is also affordable, averaging on RM6.80 give or take a few Ringgit. To order you need to fill in kind of like a form. Reminds me of ordering Yoyo drink..

The order sheet.

Thank God ada Old Town in 1 Borneo.. Yay! Looking forward to eating at Old Town again... For those who haven't tried Old Town yet, jangan tunggu lama lama, nanti lama lama... Langgar dinding sebab kepunan. Hehehe.. You won't regret it. 



Jean Ivy said...

is it really good? i mean the food..ive heard lot of people complimenting the place but never tried myself...hehe...

DaRk_L|ghTeR said...

Memang sedap, Jean Ivy. Kalau ko rasa Nasi Lemak Special dia lagilah....FUH~ Sedap gilak nie..Tapi kalau ko ndak tahan makan pedas ndak payahla...hehehe...sebab sambal dia memang pedas dan sedap. Ada Kick!

Jannah: Semalam kakak ama Saadiah p Mines...Kami makan Old Town sana..Kakak rasa Curry Puff dia..sedap wo..Siap tapau balik lagi dia punya Popia (yang hari tu kita makan). Heheheh... Lepas tu, kakak tapau lagi 2 set Durian Pancake...Jangan jeles...;P

Phoebe said...

Jean: Yup, personally i think its really good Jean. Give it a try la. I've yet to try the nasi lemak special but I've heard lot of rave reviews about it. I can't wait.. Hehehe... Tell me what you think about it when you get to try it okay..

K.Asmah: Untung la.... Hahaha... Bah nanti sy cuba tu nasi lemak special and curry puff.. ;)