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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phyllicia - Domestic Goddess in Training?

Dear Readers,
Women are supposed to be accomplished house-keepers right? Little girls are trained by their mamas to do the laundry, fold the clothes, sweep and mop the floor, arrange things in their proper places, etc. I'm going to tell you outright that housework and me do not mesh well together. Before you start rolling your eyes or start blaming my mama, hear me out. I'm not making an excuse to cover up any laziness okay. I just don't think that I have the aptitude in housework.

I get sneezing attacks that lasts the whole day when I sweep, my hands become itchy and sore when it comes in contact with detergent and cleaning agents of any kind. However hard I try to arrange things they always end up looking messy anyway and when I fold the clothes it always ends up being un'unified' in size. It was especially bad when I was younger, up to the point that my mama would complain and say, "Make sure you marry a rich man so you can afford a maid". I kid you not. So I was 'excused' from doing housework most of the time. Over time my house-keeping skills did improve somewhat but not too much la.

My house-Pandangan depan

View from my veranda.

Then, I was given a whole house to myself in IPD.. I was quite horrified (Okay, make that very, very horrified) at first because there was so much to do and I had to do it alone. The first few days were a bit of a struggle. However as time goes by I find that, well ahem, I'm becoming more accomplished in doing housework.. Okay stop laughing people.. I said stop! Bukan angkat bakul sendiri ah, betul ni.. Although it's not in a so-pristine-clean-you-can-eat-right-off-the-floor state but it's in a neat state. And liveable.

So how did this change came about? Well, with no one to depend on the only person left is myself. Sure, I can let the trash overflow but I'd still be the one who has to take it out in the end and not a roommate or housemate who can't stand to see the sight of the mess. I can leave the dishes in the sink to accumulate (which I don't do okay) but I'd still have to wash them when I run out of clean mugs, lates and cutlery. In short, procrastinating is not an option.

My house also has an ant problem. It has nothing to do with my less than perfect housekeeping skills, I swear. They were already there when I first moved in. Really.. They invade my house through the nooks and crannies of the back door. I can't, simply CAN'T leave the dishes in the sink for more than 15 minutes or the trash for more than a day before I have an ant attack in my hands. Tambah lagi jadi rajin kunu, ndamau tangguh-tangguh buat kerja rumah.

To be honest, I kinda like it to a certain extend. It gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I sweep the floor, wash the sink, take out the trash and arrange my things nicely. Or at least, I try to arrange it properly. I still fail with that task. Anyway. Who knows that this may be the start to my journey in becoming a Domestic Goddess... Right?

Okay, I can hear thunder. Even the skies are laughing at that statement..

Whatever.. Cheers!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

hey, that's a nice to house! u're lucky! i thought u'll be swamping in a god forsaken roach infested flat sudah ni...heheh...anyways, who's 4WD is that?

Phoebe said...

Thanks manda, skit lagi mengalami that god forsaken roach infested flat situation. Nasib dapat this house. Would you believe it if you said it was mine?

Phoebe said...
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