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Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Experience: Being Totally Alone On My Birthday..

Dear Readers,
First of all thank you for all your birthday wishes and prayers. It really means a lot to me.

So it was the 23rd of June 2010 yesterday, my 24th birthday..  My friends were wishing me well and said that they hope I have a blast on that significant day..

If only.. Instead this is the year that I spent my birthday totally alone in a house that is way too big for me. Uwaa... Don't get me wrong, I'm no novice when it comes to not spending my birthday with my family. It's been 8 years since I've started going to boarding school and stuff afterall but at least even when I'm not with my family I have my friends to spend the day with..

This time it's totally zilch, zero, nadaa...

Walaweh, nasib ndada lagu sedih2 berkumandang time tu taw.. Kalo nda nangis juga kali.. Duigia.. Felt very miserable and was wallowing in self-pity... After a while I kinda felt bored drowning in that so I decided to snap out of it and celebrate with my one and only friend available at that time... Me.

So I cooked myself a very delicious and nutricious meal (Maggi Kari) and drank tea that beats Yoyo milky tea hands down (Lipton HK Milky Tea) and after my birthday feast I went on to do fun things with Me.

I brought out my arsenal of magazines (Seventeen, Cleo, Female,etc) for inspiration and took out all my clothes from my luggage (I've been living like a nomad for the past 1 year) and tried it on. Yup, I became a like a little girl playing dress up. Isn't it ironic?


I discovered that I had quite a few clothes that I have not worn yet and managed to match them to create 2 looks.. Yay to me! Hehehe... Susah juga rupanya mau mix and match ni but the payoff is worth it.. Should have done this a long time ago. I mean just spend and hour or two organizing my clothes and trying different things and stuff. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who do that regularly but I don't. Usually I just put on a default outfit.. Ruginya Beta selama ini.. Huhu.. It's going to be my new hobby from now on..

To top it off I took time to look into my truckload of make-up and tried something out of the ordinary. Normally if I use color on my lids (just so you know I love purples, blues and greens) I use different shades from the same 'family'. Eg: Light purple on the inner corner of my eyes, medium purple on my lids and dark purple + black on the outer corners.It's simple, quick and frankly, a no-brainer.

This time I looked around for someting to inspire me and chose my baju kurung that has yellow, blue and pink flowers all over it.. Nah, amik ko sana.. I really had fun trying to find ways to incorporate all the colors onto my face. I think everyone who's into makeup should do this 'exercise'. Find something that inspires you and incorporate that into your makeup. I find that it helps to promote creativity so we don't get stuck in a rut with one look for years and years..

Eventually you know what dear readers? I found that my experience being 'home alone' on my birthday wasn't that bad after all. It would have been if I didn't shook myself up and did something instead of just being sad. Sure, I would have preferred to be surrounded by the people I love and those who love me too. But hey, things don't always go our way rite? So next time if you're stuck at home doing nothing, find something fun to do. It can make a whole lot of difference to your day.. Cheers!

P/S: I was being sarcastic about the Lipton's Milky Tea being better than Yoyo's just like I was being sarcastic about Maggi being nutritious. Just so you guys know lah.. Nanti salah paham pula.. Haha.. ;)


Asrih Arif said...

no worries nt kalo sia sempat pulang this year we go celebrate...