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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Passport to Great Weekends: Mamutik Island

Dear Readers..
When I was in KL, I had regretted the fact that I didn't explore Sabah to the fullest. Since I've come back 3 weeks ago, I decided that I was going to do just that. I want to explore every island in Sabah and every district as well. My adventure started yesterday when I went to Mamutik Island with a friend of mine, Erra.

We Jetted off from Beach Bum (the jetty at Shangri-La's Tg Aru Resort) at 8am with the return fee of  RM45 for the Island Bus.

Where we rented the snorkeling equipment and life jacket. RM10 each..

When we arrived we immediately had breakfast. There is a place to eat there and the price is affordable.. I ate eggs and baked beans while Erra had pancakes with honey and baked beans.. Very Western, no? Hehehe...



After that we took pictures like there was no tommorow and snorkelled.. I didn't see too many fish as I didn't venture to the deep end. There was a panic-inducing moment where I spotted a jellyfish! It must have been right behind me and it was a good thing that I turned around to float back to the shore then. I've never clambered back to shore that fast! The area where we snorkelled had a lot of rocks and I banged my legs againt them in my hurry but I didn't care! I felt a painful tingling on my legs (Lain lagi sakit langgar batu) but thank goodness I was not stung. Maybe that's just from the 'aura' of the jellyfish.. Yikes, baru lalu dekat dia sudah rasa pedih.. Bahaya..

Eventually I did get into the water again but I was so jumpy that I decided to just laze in the shade and read my book.. That made me feel very 'tourist'y (If that's even a word).. Hehe.. 


The stretch of the beach..


After we had our fill of reading (or in Erra's case, snoozing) we sat in the shallow part of the water and talked.. and talked.. and talked... and ended up collecting seashells to make accessories... Hehehe... After a while we began to feel the waves hit us stronger and in rapid succession. Looking at the sky, turns out the clouds were getting heavy and dark.. We hit the showers and headed back to the Beach Bum Jetty by the 2.30pm Island Bus.. By that time it started to rain and the waves were big.. Quite a scary experience but no regrets... Hehehe...

Gelap oh...

Big Waves...

All in all, I had a blast and I wanna do it again! I haven't been to other islands aside from Mamutik but so far I like it because its not too commercial so there's less people, thus, more privacy.. Planning to explore other islands soon...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

day trip ja?

Phoebe said...

Yups.. Malas mau stay over.. :)